Vyacheslav Cantor Owner Company "Acron"

Имя: Vyacheslav
Фамилия : Cantor
Отчество : Vladimirovich
Должность : Owner Company "Acron"



Father - Vladimir Isaakovich worked in commerce and finalized in the early '80s to the post of Director of Sokolniki department capital. In 1989 (in the rampant civil liberties and the cooperative movement) he has been convicted, according to the archives of Moscow City Court, to 8 years of imprisonment in a penal colony with a reinforced regime for speculation and embezzlement of state property in a large scale, taking bribes and forgery.


In 1976 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute named after S. Ordzhonikidze specialty "system engineer".

In 2004 - Doctor Honoris Causa of Tel Aviv University.

Professional activity:

After graduation he was a scientist in the Moscow Aviation Institute. Ordzhonikidze, Scientific and Production Association "Spectrum".

In 1980 - he headed the lab closed at MAI on designing interorbital spacecrafts.

In 1987 - has created a commercial center "Composite", the center provides services for the implementation of computer technology for industrial facilities.

From 1989 to 1993 - General Director of "Intelmas" Russian-American Company. Under his leadership, one of the first computer networks in Russia have been introduced and installed, including the departments of the Academy of Sciences.

In 1986 - he resigned from the MAI.

From 1989 to 1993 - General Director of the Russian-American Company "Intelmas" (smart materials and systems).

"Akron" headed agrochemical company in 1993.

In 1994 it was incorporated JSC "Dorogobuzh" of the company (Smolensk region).

From 1996 to 2000 - Economic Adviser Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

In 2000 - I bought a controlling stake in the Moscow stud farm №1.

In 2000 - the president of the National Institute of Corporate Reform (NICR) - a nonprofit organization that brings together political figures, representatives of business and academic community.

In 2005 - he headed the Foundation "World Holocaust Forum", established after the First World Forum "Let My People Live!" In Krakow, Poland.

From 2005 to 2009 - President of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC).

In 2006 - one of the founders and chairman of the European Jewish Fund (EJF).

In 2007 - elected president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), an inteational secular organization bringing together 42 Jewish communities in Europe and represents the interests of more than 3 million Jews in Europe.

In 2007 - President of the Inteational Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, which brings together the world's biggest experts in the field of nuclear non-proliferation.

In 2008 - one of the founders of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (EU ETS), which he heads today to co-chair with former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski.

In 2009, after leaving the presidency, "OBS", has been elected chairman of the Presidium of the organization.

In August 2010 - Member of the National Council of the Holocaust Memorial (Holocaust) and Heroism "Yad Vashem".

In 1997 he was awarded the title "Honorary Citizen of Veliky Novgorod".

Member of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

According to Forbes magazine, the state employs Kantor in 2010 of US $ 1.3 billion.

Kantor has civil passports of the two countries - Russia and Israel.

Since the mid 90s, he has lived with his family in Geneva (Switzerland).

Kantor is married to Anna Kantor, who has four sons and a daughter.



Since the beginning of the 1980s Kantor headed a special laboratory at the Moscow Aviation Institute in designing interorbital spacecrafts. In 1986, a scandal broke out, related to the sale of classified information, institutions abroad, in connection with which Cantor fired after discovering his involvement.

Soon after that Cantor has created a commercial center "Composite".

"Stringer" from 09.12.2003


Then Cantor takes the chair head of the Soviet-American joint venture "Intelmas" engaged in environmental monitoring. In 1992, this company somehow gets Yuri Luzhkov in the property historical building - estate Kireevskys-Karpovs on Ordynka.

IA "ACN News" from 04.05.2007


Then Cantor over the future of the Russian Federation State Secretary Gennady Burbulis, with whom he struck up a friendship, acquaintance with Novgorod Goveor Mikhail Prusak. "Azot" plant with the help of the firm is evaluating Cantor. Prusak was interested in "successful" privatization of the enterprise. In 1993 Cantor bought the company and renames it "Akron". Can not it is a very simple way: first, Cantor received from the company party of mineral fertilizers on the implementation of, and with the money bought a controlling stake in the enterprise.

Soon Cantor same way acquires Smolensk enterprise JSC "Dorogobuzh", also at low cost.

With the advent of Cantor's exports of fertilizers "Akron" was carried out through a series of offshore companies in Panama and Gibraltar. This allowed him to deduce part of the proceeds to the personal accounts.

"Stringer" from 09.12.2003


Just as Kantor acquired "Akron" and "Dorogobuzh", Norwegian conce NORSK HYDRO, a large multinational corporation, it was also the attempt to expand into the Russian sphere of mineral fertilizers. Company acquired shares of OJSC "Apatit" - the largest European producer of apatite concentrate, and some others.

Since 1995, the "Akron" was coordinated with the actions of the Norwegian group business. Both companies are focused on the expansion of influence in minudobrencheskoy field. Cantor needed NORSK HYDRO ability to attract financial resources, as well as its shares "Apatite". In retu, he promised action "Akron" and coordinate export.

In 1997, a joint venture established in Moscow, JSC "Nordic Rus Holding". Transaction Kantor managed to arrange so that the "Akron" was a controlling stake. Norwegians realize that they circled around your finger, it's late.

When Cantor after the 1998 crisis, it took to create the "Akron" good credit history, between the company and one of its shareholders - "Apatit Fertilizers", a conflict arose. Dividends Show insufficient. Cantor had to cover up this point. Knowing that the "Apatit Fertilizers" has partnered with Murmansk "Apatite", he decides to inflate around the latest scandal to blackmail partners of the plant yield.

So the idea of Cantor's set up a joint company with the state "mineral resources". It was a huge project fraudulent. Cantor assumed that the State has made its stake in minudobrencheskih enterprises in the "Mineral Resources" and Cantor - action "Akron". If everything worked out, "Akron" would have the effect of "Apatit".

Cantor, use administrative resources in the face of the Deputy Minister of Ministry of State Property of the Russian Federation Pylneva and, later, the new Deputy Minister - Shalva Breus, initiates at the "Apatit" test.

In 2001 Cantor somewhat overplayed offer state. He took into account that he may soon have to retu the stake "Apatite", which is in its management, the Norwegian holding. Then Cantor invited the State to bring to the joint venture its stake in ZAO "Nordic Rus Holding", and the govement according to plan Cantor would contribute its 20% stake "Apatite". So the plan Cantor state would help him to gain influence over the Norwegian share in the "Apatit".

This state block "Apatit" shares at the same time was the starting point for "Menatep-Yukos." The fraud in the acquisition of its first accused Platon Lebedev and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, then. Cantor was the chief advisor of the Prosecutor General in the persecution of Yukos.Shareholder "Menatep" Leonid Nevzlin publicly accused Kantor informing.

"Stringer" from 09.12.2003

Having handed over his business colleagues, Cantor, apparently afraid of the consequences, and went to live in Israel, having obtained citizenship, and also acquired a house in Switzerland.

"Akron" By this time more than half belonged to the three offshore - SK Enterprises, IIM Senter Ltd and Wetech Ltd, backed by Cantor.

"Russian News" on 25.02.2004


In 2000, "Akron" acquired "Moscow stud farm №1", located on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, having the state share of its shares almost free. How it happened is unknown. At the same time was Cantor and part of the plant earth, and wanted to capture all of it in order to sell.

"Stringer" from 09.12.2003


Cantor began en masse to buy land from the former plant employees and shareholders for a pittance. Many agreed, because never in my life seen so much money. Others, however, understand adequately the value of their land, and did not yield to persuasion.

"B-F.Ru" of 15.05.2003


In Cantor had many failed ideas. So, he could not get Kirovo-Chepetsk plant, strategic for Russia. In the mid-90s Cantor sent a letter to Yeltsin by the Federation Council, where justified by the need to transfer the plant into the structure of "Akron". Yeltsin signed a decree does not, however, Cantor still got control of the plant briefly unknown at the present time manner. Only a decree Cheomyrdin retued control over strategic enterprises Minatom.

"Russian News" on 25.02.2004


In 2005, Cantor was involved in the story of the attempt to sell X-55 missiles to Iran and China through Ukraine. The investigation of the case surfaced the names of two offshore «Isofert Trading INC» and «Transchem Inteational INC», owned by Cantor. Ukrainian media reported that the companies were linked to the financial operations of the company "Far West Ltd", a mediating role between playing Cantor.

An important partner of Cantor was also the President - Cantor was his adviser from April 2005 to 2007.

IA "ACN News" from 04.05.2007


Cantor, along with Berezovsky is known as the sponsor of the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine in 2005, which led to the cancellation of the initial results of the presidential election.

"Parity media" from 27.05.2008


After the incident with missiles Cantor was required that escaped punishment, the US State Department. The debt he had to give, when an American agent in Latvia Sola Bukingolts any problems. Sol owed a large sum of Valery Berlin - treasurer "Kharitonovs" gang. Soon Berlin was killed, but his colleagues knocked out the American agent recognized in debt. Give him there was nothing, and then came to the aid Kantor, who built it in the Russian Jewish Congress. As Saul debt payment helped the Latvian authorities in the legalization of business in Russia.

solomin, 07.10.2008


In 2006 Cantor offered to host an inteational forum Let My People Live in Kiev dedicated to the memory of victims of the Nazis in the Babi Yar. As a result, the hand to the activities he never reached. Retu the former location of Victor Yushchenko Cantor failed.

Kompromat.ru from 05.03.2009


In 2007 Cantor structure began to expostulate Gazprombank in the conflict over gas fields in Yamalo-Nenets Shore. This - the main asset "Sibneftegas", part of the shares of the subsidiary of "Gazprom" part - "Akron". "Sibneftegas" wanted to sell all the "Gazprom" and "Tranzitneftegazu" Cantor is trying to block the deal in court.

IA "ACN News" from 04.05.2007


In 2008, the European Jewish Congress (EJC), whose president is Cantor scandal erupted. Cantor gave a sharp condemnation of the four national organizations, announced its withdrawal from the Congress. The representatives of France, Germany, Austria and Portugal were outraged by the change in the charter of the EJC, Cantor introduced, according to which the presidential term extended from 2 to 4 years.

"Century" from 26.02.2008


In 2009, Cantor has unleashed an information war with the union "Akron", to defend the interests of its employees. The cause of the war was the requirement to raise the salary.

Cantor's confrontation with the union began in 1994, when he attacked the union and its leader Sergei Jan. ...

The war began. Kantor found bugs in his office Jan. And then in the "Akron" came the FSB and found them. In fact detect a criminal case.

And in the time Ian was in a strange car accident, in which, apparently, was to be "accidental" victim, but miraculously survived. Arrange so nothing and failed, wages increased only individual employees.

Kompromat.ru from 05.03.2009


Katya, Cantor's daughter, is suing his father, accusing him of abusing them. According to Cantor, for many years he tried to cure her drug addiction, and her isolated for treatment. Katya also ran away from his father to Israel, and said to reporters that did not suffer severe dependence, and Cantor accused of callousness.

"Ma'ariv" dated October 2008


Owner of "Akron" Vyacheslav Kantor plans to capture the agrochemical market. Perhaps it was he who was behind the fueling of the war between the "Fosagro" and "Uralchem". Moreover, absorbing "Uralkhim" Mr. Cantor can not pay the debts of the holding Dmitry Mazepin "Sberbank".

The Moscow Post. 18.11.2010


Israeli Inteet portal, made comments on the Russian Senator Boris Spiegel statements in an interview with the federal weekly "Russian News" reported that already was known throughout Moscow: the main ally of the owner of "Akron" Vyacheslav Kantor in the Kremlin is a Russian presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko.

Ruspres. 31.12.2010


Rumors of "Akron" the withdrawal of assets from the agrochemical holding find their confirmation in the very "doubtful" economic policy of the major shareholder Kantor. So "Akron" dividends amounted to 6.15 billion rubles., Which is 22% higher than the net profit.

The Moscow Post.07.11.2011


Not bad feels and Kantor, not for the first time on the list of Swiss Pinocchio - it also got better condition to a billion. Spelled out in the Geneva quarter columns, he divides his time between Switzerland, Israel and Russia. Doctor of Sciences, he is the head of the European Jewish Congress, bringing together 2.5 million members in 42 countries. He is actively involved in various projects related to the protection of human rights, the struggle against xenophobia, anti-Semitism and the spread of nuclear weapons. We already wrote about it not because of the large amount of money belonging to him, and in conjunction with the presentation at the Geneva Palace of the Nation of his magnificent art collection. And the money (about three billion) Kantor eaed fertilizer, he - the main shareholder of the Russian holding Acron.During the current year the company's shares on the stock exchange in great demand, says Bilan.

"Our newspaper." 02.12.2011


Owner of "Akron" Vyacheslav Kantor again challenged host "Fosagro" Andrey Guriev. At this time, "Akron" wanted to buy from the state 26.67% voting "Apatit" shares, which are claimed by "Fosagro".

The Moscow Post. 18.04.2012


"Judicial war" host "Akron" Vyacheslav Kantor against the privatization of the state stake "Apatite", apparently, led to the failure of this govement ideas. After their lawsuits "Akron" literally scared away other bidders.

The Moscow Post. 20.06.2012

"I wanted it to be something to do with Russia, something very Russian. At the same time that it necessarily was something "very Jewish", again for obvious reasons. And always something outstanding "- Forbes explained the ideology of the collection owner chemical company" Akron "and the head of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor. The collection of about 400 works of 33 artists, is formally the property established by Cantor in 2001 the Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery (MAGMA). The museum owns a truly outstanding collection of Russian avant-garde, at the same time it does not, for example, a single work of this style titanium Kazimir Malevich - simply because he's Polish. Cantor has numerous auction records collected them artists from Chaim Soutine and Sonia Delaunay to living Ilya Kabakov and Erik Bulatov. But the gem of the collection - the work of Valentin Serov's "The Rape of Europa", the author's version of the painting exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery - Kantor was able to buy in the early 2000s, the artist's heirs only $ 1 million of its initial market value today must be multiplied by at least 10 times.. The total value of the collection is estimated at $ 150-200 million.

"Forbes". 24.10.2012


Co-owner of "Akron" Vyacheslav Kantor (№42, $ 2,4 billion) - a graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). After graduation in 1976 he worked in the NGO "Spectrum" at the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1981 received the degree of candidate of technical sciences on the specialty "Automatic spacecraft control system." Most of the work in the archives of the RSL is not. In 2004, Cantor became an honorary doctor at Tel Aviv University, in 2010, when it was discovered the Cantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry.

"Forbes". 06/04/2013


In 1993 there was a major success in Cantor's life. In it, the former director zavlaba and small joint venture, as snow fell on the head of a huge jackpot in the form of "Azot" of a large chemical plant in Novgorod, 35% of which Cantor was able to buy for ridiculous even on those times of 200 thousand dollars. And to be precise, the Cantor received on the implementation of part of "Azot" fertilizers and rescue bought the company itself.

After the successful acquisition of the troubled 90-ies Novgorod JSC "Azot" (converted into JSC "Akron") and JSC "Dorogobuzh fertilizers" he actually began a protracted chain of failures that have not ended to this day ... ..

Cantor's second project in recent years - the inteational Jewish organizations. After becoming in 2005 the chairman of the Russian Jewish Congress, he immediately took aim at the European level. After all, the logic here is simple: Do not get in Russia, then you need to try his luck in the Ukraine. It did not happen in Ukraine, it is necessary to conquer Europe. Since June 2006, Kantor became the president of the European Jewish Congress. Become something became, yes there is a scandal. Myself extended the term of office, which de jure is about to expire, from 2 years to 4. A similar scandals EJC can split in two, and is definitely not bring him any dividends.

"Parliamentary newspaper". 06/19/2013


Vyacheslav (Moshe) Kantor

Citizenship: Russia, Israel

Status Forbes estimated US $ 1.9 billion.

Controlling shareholder "Akron" group president of the European Jewish Congress. About Cantor reported dual citizenship in view of the need to obtain permission of the govement commission on foreign investment to feed "Akron" on the privatization of state-owned application "Apatite". The press service of "Akron" declined to comment.

"RBC". 04/11/2014


President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and the owner of the chemical holding "Akron" Moshe (aka Vyacheslav) Kantor suspected failure of social obligations on the $ 6 million to the administration Apatity. In addition, experts say the market redistribution of fertilizer, which started against Cantor "Fosagro" Andrey Guriev and "Uralhima" Dmitry Mazepin. On top of Cantor may be associated with the financing of the punitive battalion "Matilal" in Ukraine, leading operations against the militia of New Russia. One of the sponsors of this department - the head of the Joint United Jewish Community of Ukraine, the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

"Rembler-News". 17/12/2014


Bloggers and media lead openly Russophobic and defamatory statements of Mr. Cantor. According to the "Ukrainian Truth", the honorary president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), Moshe Kantor (aka Kantor) stated that "the terrorists on the territory of Donbass" allegedly armed and financed from Russia.

Of course, this is a blatant lie and slander. But in Russia for such statements Cantor could face criminal liability. But it is - is not the only anti-Russian statement Cantor.

"Under the guise of protecting the geopolitical interests of Russia Vladimir Putin has unleashed a real war in the heart of Europe, a war that could be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it ... It is our duty to make Putin stop this bloody war, take mercenaries from Ukraine, not to supply military equipment terrorists and apologize to each family member who died, "- Kantor said in an interview with foreign media.

These statements are not only false, but also aimed directly against the Russian leader. It seems that security officials should seriously engage Mr. Cantor.

"Criminal Russia". 18/12/2014


It is worth noting that the "punitive operations" of the Ukrainian govement in Donbass involved and scandalously famous battalion of "Matilal.", One of the sponsors of which is considered to be Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, which already contains battalion "Dnepr" and other neo-fascist fighting compounds. The main hero fighters "Matilal" declared Stepan Bandera.

In his interview to the Information Agency "Commentator" Mr. Cantor himself admitted that he also funded the battalion "Matilal".

Joualists write that Cantor has allocated for "Matilal" two million dollars. That is, it tus out that while the budget of the Murmansk region receives less from the structures Cantor tax deductions, while in the city of Apatity not built promised SZFK social facilities, Cantor vengeance spends its money on weapons Ukrainian law enforcers?

As is known, the Investigative Committee of Russia already investigating a criminal case against Kolomoisky. According to rumors, the matter may soon initiate against Cantor. It is possible that the owner of "Akron" could be charged with tax evasion, as well as illegally obtaining a license to mine in the Murmansk region.

It is obvious that the application is clearly abusive Cantor of the Kremlin threaten to "Acron" serious consequences. Experts do not be surprised if soon Cantor industrial assets in Russia suffer the fate of "Yukos" and "Bashneft". And given the fact that Kantor, according to media reports, was able to literally "squeeze" assets "Akron" in the state, when he had just built his business, the fate of the oligarchs seem rather sad. It seems that after all its "manipulation" of "Akron" assets could be back by the state, and their current owner - in "places not so remote."

"Moscow post." 18/12/2014


And not far from the house Berlusconi has two villas - Fabbri worth € 23 million and Pucci worth € 19 million, which is resting with his family, only one businessman - the owner of "Akron" Vyacheslav Kantor (formally he rents the property).

"Forbes". 05/05/2016


Open Russia published a confidential report of the Swiss Service of analysis and prevention (DAP, are now included in the Joint Counterintelligence Switzerland), dated June 2007. It tells of the relations of Russia and other special services of the CIS countries with criminals ....

Another story about the company for fertilizers trade registered in Switzerland is connected, apparently, with the owner Vyacheslav Kantor, who many times re-registered firm in Geneva Fimochim SA. The authors suspect that it was controlled by the RAF, and the Cantor contact with criminal networks of Perm.

"Open Russia". 05/17/2016


Last idea Kantor - sale of the shares of JSC "Akron" on the inteational stock exchanges, the name of this IPO. Russian officials Kantor tried to trace around your finger more than once, but mostly to no avail. Now he took up the inteational investors.

Chemical 'career Kantor recently received political continuation. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich has decided to position itself as Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor - an inteational public figure and philanthropist, is actively involved in the "promotion of tolerance and mutual respect in the contemporary world, countering neo-Nazism, as well as to discuss and develop solutions to problems of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and prevent a nuclear catastrophe." To this end, the billionaire has a whole set of relevant positions and posts.

"Version". 09/19/2016

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