Death after interrogation

The St. Petersburg Investigative Committee is investigating the suspicious death of one of the defendants in the case of corruption in driving schools. In the temporary detention center of the Moscow region, according to official data, the deputy head of one of the driving schools committed suicide. The circumstances of the death of 48-year-old Aleksey B. caused many questions and a strong reaction from the public.

Towel and indications

An unexpected turn was taken by the investigation into the case of corruption in driving schools in St. Petersburg, about which the online publication Kompromat Group wrote day before yesterday. Recall that the students of driving schools “Avtoprof”, “Bend”, “Aerodrome” and “Auto Academy Plus” did not even have to attend exams. For a certain amount (sometimes reaching 165 thousand rubles), a driver’s license could be obtained by ordering them online. A series of searches and high-profile arrests marked the beginning of a criminal case. In the midst of the preliminary investigation, one of the detained defendants, from among the leadership of driving schools, was found dead in a temporary detention center in the Moscow region.

According to preliminary data, the detainee on suspicion of giving a bribe was waiting for a court session, where a preventive measure was to be chosen for him. Suddenly he was found without signs of life at 5 am.

The police called an ambulance, but the efforts of the doctors were in vain. The preliminary cause of death was asphyxia, and information appeared in Telegram channels that the detainee hanged himself. Then the media of St. Petersburg exploded with reports that a towel was pulled out of the respiratory tract and mouth of a man …

Then a video from the temporary detention center appeared on the network, in which the detainee wets a towel in the washbasin and turns his back to the wall. This video today is the basis for the official version of the death of Alexei B. – suicide. However, colleagues of the deceased believe that the man was killed. Kommersant wrote about this, referring to the words of his wife, that her husband was positive and was going to live even if the sentence was unpleasant for him.

The Investigative Committee, as usual in such cases, is now conducting an official check. However, on the sidelines of law enforcement, they are sure that the man was either forced to die in such a monstrous way, or a murder took place. After all, Alexey B., like many other leaders of driving schools, were only intermediaries between students and the traffic police department.

Highway of Corruption

The story of the underground driver’s license business that we wrote about is actually said to be more widespread than is commonly believed. This is unequivocally written in the police and public, and residents of the city in the comments under the news.

The townspeople, for example, are very surprised that the searches took place only in 5 driving schools and in an unprecedented way they passed the magic building on the Revolution Highway, 85. The Interdistrict Registration and Examination Department of the Traffic Police of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region is located here. We publish the responses of the townspeople, without editing.

“And the fact that in St. Petersburg it’s IMPOSSIBLE to pass on the highway of the Revolution the first time and absolutely all the teachers and traffic police say this with ridicule is this the norm? Why are only intermediaries searched?” – write indignant residents of St. Petersburg.

“There is a stubborn friend. On the Highway of Revolution, I passed my driving test 7 times. Driving experience – 25 years. Wound hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the roads and cities of Russia. Not a single accident. It is necessary to replace a foreign driver’s license with a Russian one. Intermediaries asked from 60 thousand to 100 thousand for change. Refused to pay. Still can’t pass driving. Renting from summer 2022.”

Petersburgers do not hide their attitude towards examiners in uniform.

“Fat, fat-assed gays, exam inspectors, of course, have nothing to do with it! driving schools are to blame. but rather the students themselves, aha! In no case, under any circumstances, do not even think of suspecting gays! they are crystal clear and pristinely honest!”

In other words, the opinion is firmly rooted in society that it is impossible to pass exams honestly without bribes.

“Well, at least you can’t pay the theory. and driving is really passed many a dozen times)) but then they save up money, and everything is ok.”

Those who have already gone through the thorny path of obtaining a driver’s license believe that in “our dear traffic police / traffic police has such a level of corruption that nowhere else.” They say that the current searches are just another wave of the fight against corruption, which has already been finally and irrevocably won dozens of times. From this perspective, the death of the intermediary looks more than suspicious.

Complex investigation

In power publics, as we have already mentioned, the unexpected turn of the usual corruption case also caused a storm of emotions. The main question that the commentators wrote was the following: “Suicide with a wet towel? Are you seriously?”.

If we look approximately at the cases of suicides of defendants in criminal cases, then most often the accused or convicted hang themselves or open their veins. This way of voluntary departure from life raises a lot of questions.

First, in the comments that journalists received from official structures, there was a “piece of cloth”, then it was reformatted into a “towel”. On the sidelines of the security forces, they believe that in this case it is reasonable to suspect a banal gag. As our sources say, the unfortunate man was simply gagged in the truest sense of the word.

“So that he doesn’t tell about accomplices and doesn’t give out the scheme”our insiders say, “Most likely, the case was promoted due to numerous complaints from civilians that they were extorting money in such and such schools. In this case, the investigation, of course, wanted to know how all this was organized and to whom it was brought up.”

Another version is that the detainee nevertheless committed his own death, in such a terrible way. According to our sources, he may well have been hinted that something terrible could happen to his family if he did not shut up. Most likely, according to knowledgeable people, in this case we are talking about a certain high-ranking “group of persons” who are engaged in the sale of fake documents. This “group” has serious opportunities. Now, after such an accident, the investigation will be pretty tight.

After all, the rest of the detainees will begin to suffer from numbness and other serious illnesses without exception, and most likely will begin to refuse their previous testimony, if any have already been given. What path will the investigation take in these circumstances and will the townspeople see really important bosses in the dock? The answer to this question is already in the air and our editors will follow the developments.