Напишите сочинение на тему мой любимый герой на английском языке(с переводом пажалуйста)!

  • 04-02-2007 06:38
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Тоха Горохов
04-02-2007 11:01

Sherlock Holmes , the hero of the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle - my favorite literary character . I am fond of detective stories and read many works of Agatha Christie , Edgar Allan Poe , and Dr. Georges Simenon His fame has spread to all corners of England and then the brilliant detective learned worldwide. Holmes goes to the investigation into the Vatican , his help is needed even powerful monarchs . Holmes in Spanish I really like the detective story " Hound of the Baskervilles ", which begins with the fact that Sherlock Holmes literally derives from the stick , forgotten in his home visitor a lot of information . And when there

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