Astana the capital of kazakhstan topic

  • 03-02-2007 11:52
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Егор Павловский
03-02-2007 14:02

Astana - The Capital of KazakhstanAstana is a modern city with a favorable environment attractive for tourists and comfortable for residents and guests of the Kazakh capital to live in.Astana became the capital of new Kazakhstan in 1998 for a variety of reasons. By the end of the XX century, the country’s former capital Almaty was facing a heap of difficulties hampering further development of the city: the problem of overpopulation (over 1.500.000 inhabitants); traffic congestion; deteriorating environmental conditions. Moreover, compact planning of the “southern capital” in practice, restricted modern development of the city. The choice was made in favor of Astana due to a number of decided advantages: vast urban area, favorable geographical location - close to the country’s main economic centers, significant demographic potential, well-developed transport infrastructure and the relatively favorable environment.

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