Письмо другу, моя будущая профессия юрист

  • 02-02-2007 19:44
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Василиса Коврижных
03-02-2007 05:57

My Future Profession Is A Lawyer Моя будущая профессия - юрист It is rather important for everyone to make the right choice of profession, because what we choose defines the largest part of our life. If someone chooses to be a teacher, he or she will spend most of the time dealing children. Those, who choose to become doctors, spend most of their adult life helping people to cope with various diseases. I chose to discuss different matters and argue about them. Basically, I want to become a lawyer. On daily basis I like investigating, finding out the truth, arguing and winning. So, people who know me well, agree that I would make an excellent lawyer. In my opinion, justice is valuable in modern world. That’s why this profession is rather demanded and respected in every country. To become a qualified professional I should enter a decent Law school. My parents have found vocational law courses for me, where I will be studying for the next two years. After that I can either start working at the Investigation Department or continue studying at the university to become a legist or attorney. I would prefer the second option, because I really want to work at court and to deal with criminal charges. As I’ve mentioned before I like investigating the cases and detecting the truth, so the profession of a lawyer seems to be suitable for me. Apart from that, I think that such legal professions are highly respected in the society. In my opinion, each lawyer should look smart and neat. That’s one of the main reasons why people look up to these professionals and trust them. Today a good lawyer is of great demand, so I hope to become one someday.

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