Напишите небольшое сочинение по англ языку на тему Природные катастрофы 6 - 10 предложений, нап ример торнадо, землетрясение, цунами и т.д.

ример торнадо, землетрясение, цунами и т.д.

  • 20-01-2007 05:58
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20-01-2007 11:10

Right now happen a lot of natural disasters. I think, people are fault in that. Natural disasters as flood, earthquake, tornado and windstorms affect thousand of people every year. All of this things can happen unexpectedly. All of us should know how to protect ourselfs. Year by year risk of natural disaster grow. We need to value nature to reduce the risk of disasters.  Вот немного, надеюсь подойдет :)