10 вопросов на английском языке, на тему: " Кино и Театр " очень срочно, помогите пожалуйста

  • 20-01-2007 05:21
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Марат Лысенко
20-01-2007 11:23

1) Do you like to go to the theatre? 2) Which kind of film do you prefer? 3) Do you like to go to the cinema with friends or alone? 4) Do you like to watch different comedies? 5) When is it better to go to the cinema? 6) Do your parents go with you to the cinema or you watch films at home on TV? 7) With whom you prefer to go to the theatre: with your friends or with your parents? 8) Do you like to watch new films? 9) Which theatre do you usually visit? 10) Do you buy food and drinks in the cinema and in the theatre?