Помогите пж. Нужен текст на тему "Как я провела каникулы "

  • 28-01-2007 14:14
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Ринат Бабурин
28-01-2007 15:28

How I Spent SummerКак я провела летоFor a number of reasons summer is my favourite time of the year. First of all, it’s the time of the longest holidays. Secondly, I love sunny weather and travelling. And, thirdly, my birthday is in August. That’s why each year I look forward for summer. This summer was full of new adventures and impressions. One of the most memorable things about it was the river boat cruise in Moscow. I should say I’d always wanted to spend some time in the capital and this year my dream came true. After celebrating my birthday, I went to Moscow to visit my aunt and uncle. I stayed for two weeks at their place touring and exploring the city. I should say it offers lots of opportunities for entertainment and self-education. One day together with my relatives we went to Taganka Theatre. The play was of a comedy genre and I enjoyed it a lot. There was a day which I dedicated to seeing the main sights. After spending several hours at the Tretyakov Gallery I quickly understood that one day won’t be enough. One needs at least a month to explore all the places of interest in the centre of this huge city. The river boat cruise that I mentioned was my uncle’s idea. He said that boat trips on Moscow River are exciting and he was absolutely right. The views that open from the deck of the boat are stunning. This way instead of a common holiday at the seaside I had an unusual summer, which I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time. Besides I’ve made up my mind to continue my studies in Moscow after I graduate from school. I think this city will be a great place to live and study in.

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