сочинение по английски на тему моё любимое место в городе

  • 19-01-2007 22:42
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Mariya Lastovka
20-01-2007 03:46

n life, everyone has their favorite place, which he returns periodically regardless of their employment and opportunities. I also have such places. With each of these places related to something very important in my life, strike that I never make up my mind. In my hometown of St. Petersburg, I have a favorite place - Summer Garden. St. Petersburg is always good in any weather and at any time of the year. But every corner, every monument is his favorite time, when he is revealed to the end before us. For the Summer Garden this happy time - the golden days of autumn. Rastsvechёnny its ceremonial colors, he solemnly thoughtful and majestic. I love to walk in St. Petersburg, and the Summer Garden, in my opinion - is one of the best and most beautiful places in our city. The impression I had at his first visit. The most beautiful summer garden is in the fall. Tree leaves in common with gilded ornaments fence, hot burn in clear air spreading crown. Pale yellow, amber, purple leaves fall on the shoulders naked marble statues on a granite pedestal, caught up by the wind, dancing in the alleys, pleasant rustling underfoot. Also in the Summer Garden I really like the Summer House of Peter I. Peter I loved his Summer Palace. This cozy, comfortable house, not intended for official ceremonies and receptions, the king lived usually from April to October and November. Most of the alleys of the Summer Garden - this is our story. Standing on the main avenue of the statue of the god Saturn as if time recalls within the garden of flashed centuries. Straight as a ruler drawn alleys, protected by dense green walls. In the squares and rectangles between alleys located straight rows of strange trees instead of spreading crowns fluffy tree trunks crowned with balls, cubes, pyramids. From the outside it looks very impressive and beautiful. писала сама это про Питер