сочинение на английском языке на тему как и провела свои летние каникулы срочно

  • 27-01-2007 16:51
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27-01-2007 17:44

По крайней мере я так How I spent summer? This is a very interesting question, because describe three wonderful, warm months is very difficult. The first month was the most boring of the three because I had to play with my brother until kindergarten to repair. But I still found time for summer fun. This river, fun with friends, music, walking. And soon I began to work. I was a child entertainer. Perhaps this is the most fun job. I dressed up different heroes and was not to work while on holiday. I loved it. Meanwhile, it ended the second month of summer. And I began to prepare for school, read books, prepare for exams and just continued to work. I really liked it a rest, but at the school this year, the last and I certainly want to enjoy it and start following items summer.

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