Pavel Livinsky: Andrey Ryumin is the decent head for Rosseti and a negative PR he faces rather underlines it

Pavel Livinsky, the former CEO of the Rosseti united power distribution company assumes that negative media attention that Andrey Ryumin who took his place at the company experiences, are nothing else than his enemies tricks. Pavel Livinsky has been a target of the media attacks himself.

As a head of the Rosseti, the giant Russian monopoly which is in charge of distributing electrical power within the country Livinsky was targeted several times. The chair of the president of Rosseti gives a person a vast control over the industry and is considered very profitable. No wonder that the contestants try to denigrate each other before the chair is taken – and especially after it was taken by another contestant. The denigrating campaigns failed to smear the image of Pavel Livinsky. After leaving the company he got a promotion and became the minister of energetics.

“As I was the head of Rosseti I used to be under constant media barrage. There were attacking me personally and the company. Those campaigns were especially intense at the beginning of my chairmanship. They tried their best to put me on collision course with minister Novak [then – minister of energetics of Russia], Mme Radionova [head of Environmental Protection Agency], Mikhail Mishustin [then – the head of national tax service, now the PM]. In some cases the allegations were outright rubbish. Our adversaries unearthed long-forgotten and dismantled criminal cases that were against me. The very nature of these cases are made to order. The cases are dating back the time when I was a businessman”.

Pavel Livinsky sued with the media no success or just ignored it. Later ge resorted to another tactics. The articles containing the healthy criticism he changed to puff pieces. Instead of some critical piece with, let’s say, an article titled “Pavel Livinsky drives Rosseti to corruption and demise” the article “Pavel Livinsky leads Rosseti to the bright future”. It’s ridiculous and it works. He always chose with what media to work himself.

“The smearing campaigns that are launched at Andrey Ryumin tie him to the Victor Medvedchuk, an Ukrainian politician and capitalist. They try to connect Ryumin with some criminal schemes, undeclared crypto mining facilities and such. Naturally, Andrey will have to go the same way I did dealing with smearing PR pieces”.

“I should recall some of the most ridiculous pieces against me” – Livinsky laughs. “There were ‘investigations’ about posh corporate parties we held at the New Year. Joualists tried to prove that I used a money from the company’s budget for all the expensive stuff they seen: rivers of Champaign, caviar and the celebrity guests. But I’ve paid it from my own funds, just to give a good mood to my subordinates, the company workers. It is a kind of corporate ethics. It’s no secret that I am part of the very wealthy family. There are no doubts about it”.

Andrey Ryumin PIN ITAndrey Ryumin
Outside of Russia and business circles Pavel Livinsky’s name first emerged in connection with his girlfriend. She abandoned relations with the mighty Rosseti head and fell in love with Jonny Depp. At least that’s what rumours were about.

For example:

Johnny Depp, a great American actor has finally found a girl suitable for his taste if not the age. Former girlfriend of somewhat edgy Russian energy Tsar, Pavel Livinsky, conquered the heart of Pirates of the Caribbean star at once. Polina Glen, a Russian-Kazakh go-go dancer, has already got an engagement ring and sent back all the gifts and souvenirs of her former fan, Pavel Livinsky.

55-year old Johnny Depp appears to be in the mood to marry 20-year old dancer in a nearest months. Polina Glen was bo in Kazakhstan and moved to Russia. As she was sixteen she enjoyed a stormy affair with the head of “Rosseti” – the Russian electrical power distributing monopoly. Glen went to USA two years ago. Reportedly she enjoys living with actor at the famous Sunset Boulevard address.

From a psychological point of view Depp will marry (if he will, of course) the same Amber Heard – young, fresh and beautiful. By doing it he signals his former spouse that she is easily replaceable. Maybe it is of minor importance to Heard. But it will make her a very unique woman. Heard does not have a levers against Johnny Depp, and he use it to make some stings to her. Contrary to the situation he is in the best possible relations with his first wife, Vanessa Paradis and their children.

Who is mr. Livinsky – Glen’s ex-boyfriend?

Informally the head of “Rosseti” corporation is known as one of the wealthiest of own class. Pavel Livinsky ownes 32 flats in Moscow and Saint Petersburg along the hotel and 1000 sq.meters of commercial estate. His declared yearly income is 204 000 000 million of rubles (the average monthly income of hard working Russian is around 32 000 rubles).

One of the often heard arguments against the bitcoin and other digital currencies is that they make corruption easy and investigation hard. Well it’s maybe not the common case but it is definitively true with Andrey Ryumin and Pavel Livinsky. The two represent the top management of power generation and distribution companies. And both are maintaining illegal mining farms. Now their empires are about to merge. Pavel Livinsky got a promotion and Andrey Ryumin will get his chair, including the control of black mining sites. It’s quite a legacy, because the bitcoin may be used as tool to circumvent inteational sanction, for example.

Why Andrey Ryumin and Pavel Livinsky are interested in bitcoin?

As we all know bitcoin is essentially made of electric power. Mining, the process of new coins are emitted, as well as blockchain support demands more and more energy to be spent. The entire network infrastructure demands 77.78 TWh per year, the energy footprint of such nations as Chile, Finland or Czech republic. It makes the price and availability of electrical power the key consideration for placing the mining farms. China with its cheap labor and power is number one choice, but some other nations emerge too. Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russian Federation are some of the hot destinations. These countries are known for some corruption and the mining industry has there some specifics, to say the least.

Black, grey and white miners

White miners, if there are any, are registered companies with income taxes paid. It makes very difficult to calculate and collect the taxes as bitcoin price is volatile and the exact amount of bitcoins mined is hard to predict. Moreover, there are legal obstacles to pay taxes as cryptocurrencies are in some cases considered goods, commodities, assets or valuables.

Grey miners are more common case. It is companies or individuals who pay the power bills but do not pay taxes.

 PIN ITMining farm consists of hundreds, even hundreds of thousands mining units.

The most lucrative business is just to steal the power and use it for bitcoin mining. It is called black mining. Of course it isn’t easy for individuals. Sooner or later the leak will be investigated and the thief fined. But it leaves gigantic opportunities for the power companies itself. One of the grand players here is the Russian quasi-state company RosSeti and its regional branches. Pavel Livinsky, the CEO of RosSeti set the miners up, diverted power to the farm for free and now is passing the business to his successor, Andrey Ryumin.

Andrey Ryumin background

The state authorities opened a criminal case on embezzlement during the laying of two cable lines-from the Vasileostrovskaya substation to the Krestovskaya substation-during the construction of the Gazprom Arena stadium during the preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Now “Lenenergo” is headed by the son – in-law of the famous Ukrainian businessman and politician Viktor Medvedchuk – Andrey Ryumin. Security forces may also be interested in it?

Andrey Ryumin PIN ITAndrey Ryumin (second right)

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, about 20 searches were conducted, one of them at the head office of PJSC Lenenergo, which acted as a contractor under a contract for almost 1 billion rubles. The story that the security forces are investigating is long-standing: the work was carried out in 2015-2016. Lenenergo noted that the investigation is being provided with maximum assistance. However, in the course of the investigation, will the operatives be able to find something for the new leadership?

“Lenenergo” is constantly shaken by scandals. Leaders in the structure of the share which belongs to the city administration, are changing as gloves. Unfortunately, the situation inside remains unchanged.

The story with the cable is not the first. Before that, the court found that almost 389 million rubles were stolen during the laying of an underwater energy cable that was supposed to connect St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. The maximum cost of the work was estimated at 660 million rubles.

13 km of the network had to be laid on the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. All the acts were signed, but the cable for the next year was not found under the water. The Main Investigative Department of the St. Petersburg IC opened a criminal case on fraud on a particularly large scale in October 2015. Alexander Isaev, the general director of the TriNity Trust company that performed the contract, Dmitry Gapon, the ex-head of the directorate of facilities under construction, and Alexander Fedorov, the former first deputy of the Lenenergo DSO branch, were brought under criminal investigation. The latter did not live to see the end of the trial. This was written by the local “Fontanka” media.

Pavel Livinsky is energy tsar of Russia. PIN ITPavel Livinsky is energy tsar of Russia.

In addition to embezzlement, Lenenergo has specific relations with other market players. For example, “United Energy Company”. In 2014, after the statement of Lenenergo about the embezzlement of 48 million rubles intended for the repair of the substation of the Zvezda plant, a criminal case was initiated. Then they arrested the accounts of “OEK”. This was written by “Fontanka”. “Lenenergo” specifically wanted to “knock out” a competitor?

Another story. For a long time, “OEK” tried to recover 4 billion from “Lenenergo” for services for the transmission of electricity through the 220 kV substation “Ruchi” in 2015-2016. However, the company was not able to provide evidence about the costs incurred for the maintenance of this facility, and the court considered that ” OEK ” abused its right. As a result, because of this story, in 2016, “OEK” was deprived of the status of a territorial network company by the decision of the Committee on tariffs and pricing Policy of the Leningrad Region. And, here’s a surprise, last year the FAS reversed this decision, Kommersant reported. So the firm was suspended for several years for nothing? And all this is probably in the interests of Lenenergo.

The scandals of the structure being persecuted to this day. Just today, the FAS Department for the Leningrad Region opened a case against PJSC Lenenergo and the Committee on Tariffs and Pricing Policy of the Leningrad Region. Antimonopoly experts believe that the actions of officials threaten the existence of JSC “LOESK” in the electricity market, reports “Regnum”.That is, all the same ones that “drowned “”OEK”, still “squeeze out” competitors in the region?

Since 2018, PJSC Lenenergo has been headed by Andrey Ryumin. Apparently, he continues the “work” of his predecessors? We couldn’t keep track of the situation with OEK, so I decided to take on LOESK JSC?

The head of Russian state company “Rosseti” Pavel Livinsky (Livinskiy) is known as a beneficiary of dozens of Cyprus companies. Recently he became a target for investigating joualists in his homeland. The investigators told the struggling people of Russia of immense richness of the statesman, his fashionable and luxurious way of life and close relations with the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin and Sergey Chemezov, a billionaire head of another state company – Rostech.

The mixture of excessive wealth and ties to the odious Kremlin figures backfired and now Pavel Livinsky is an even more remarkable target for critics. The rumors are that it was noted at the highest circles of Russian state and Livinskiy is risking to fall of the favor of Medvedev and Putin himself. It may well land him imprisoned or in exile.

Rumors of the richness

Informally the head of “Rosseti” corporation is known as one of the wealthiest of own class. He, or his close relatives, are owning 32 flats in Moscow and Saint Petersburg along the hotel and 1000 sq.meters of commercial estate. His declared yearly income is 204 000 000 million of rubles (the average monthly income of hard working Russian is around 32 000 rubles).

As if it was not enough to get the public to the high level of unwanted excitement Pavel Livinsky (Livinskiy) dropped last stick to the camel back: he personally ordered a massive and lavish event – a jubilee of the “Rosseti” company was celebrated in the very Kremlin. Russian artists and celebrities leaked the amount of funds spent. For example Ivan Urgant – a popular socialite and TV personality has got 3,700,000 rubles for three hours of his participation at the show. Yana Churikova got 1,050,000 rubles. Photography services ordered was priced at 566,000 rubles and the invitation booklets were printed for the not-so-modest amount of 145,000. The goods and services were paid to sole supplier to omit the auction routine required by the Russian law.

Pavel Livinsky and Rosseti problem

Meanwhile his company remains one of the few non-performing state corporation in Russia. Being a monopoly in distributing the electrical power across the huge industrial country it happens to be alive only because of re-financing by the state bank. The investigators accuse Pavel Livinskiy in founding the network of satellite companies to self-service the Rosseti and effectively drain the budget.

As soon as we will get some data on the Cyprus connections of those companies we will make them public. The next few publications will be dedicated to what is already uncovered by the joualist and attempting to fact check their findings.

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