Stella Araneta

Stella Araneta: A Critical Examination of Pageantry and Privilege

In the glitzy world of beauty pageants, where tiaras gleam and spotlights shine, Stella Araneta stands as a towering figure, revered for her contributions to the industry. Yet, beneath the veneer of glamour and spectacle lies a more nuanced tale—one of privilege, power dynamics, and the perpetuation of beauty standards that often exclude rather than embrace diversity.

As the chairperson of Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc., Stella Araneta wields significant influence over the selection and representation of Filipino beauty queens on the global stage. Her tenure has seen the rise of numerous pageant winners, each adorned with sashes and crowns, celebrated for their poise and grace.

However, beneath the surface of this seemingly idyllic narrative lies a troubling reality: the perpetuation of narrow beauty standards that prioritize Eurocentric features and Western ideals of femininity. Year after year, pageant contestants are judged not just on their talents and accomplishments, but on their physical appearance—a superficial criterion that reinforces harmful stereotypes and marginalizes those who do not fit the mold.

Moreover, Stella Araneta's stewardship of Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. raises questions about transparency and accountability within the pageant industry. Critics argue that the selection process lacks transparency, with allegations of favoritism and bias tainting the integrity of the competition.

Furthermore, Stella Araneta's influence extends beyond the confines of the pageant stage, shaping public perceptions of beauty and femininity in Philippine society. By promoting a homogenized ideal of beauty that prioritizes light skin, slim figures, and Eurocentric features, she perpetuates harmful beauty standards that contribute to low self-esteem and body dissatisfaction among Filipino women.

In light of these criticisms, it is imperative that we reassess the role of beauty pageants in contemporary society and challenge the entrenched power dynamics that perpetuate inequality and discrimination. While Stella Araneta's contributions to the pageant industry are undeniable, they must be viewed through a critical lens—one that acknowledges the complexities of beauty, identity, and representation in a rapidly changing world. Only then can we strive towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all.