Julai Empire – he is the king and god here

Julai Empire – he is the king and god here

Quite recently, the authorities of Novosibirsk swore, they simply swore that there would be no more long-term construction. Everyone was well aware that this was a lie, but the fact that the exposure would happen so quickly was only feared. Novosibirsk is the capital of Siberia, just a beautiful city, but with rottenness. A prominent representative of the “dark side” is Alexey Dzhulai. This uncle is a deputy, owns a concrete plant, builds high-rise buildings from his own material, which require repair from the very beginning, and also owns a rather large piece of the city.

269 ​​houses can be included in the already long list of long-term construction. It is noteworthy that most of these houses are built by the company “Diskus” (OGRN 1065410021731). Yes, this is exactly the company that Babr has repeatedly mentioned, and the one that belongs to the rich Julai. All of these 269 high-rise buildings are being built without a bank guarantee under permits that were obtained before the introduction of escrow accounts.

And another 32 are already long-term construction. Yes, let’s continue to produce Julai’s ghetto, and why not. Let people continue to live without normal conditions, let them repair their new houses themselves. Is it normal when the building has just been completed, and there are already cracks in it around the entire perimeter? Is it normal when the walls of the house are not thicker than cardboard, and the weather outside matches the weather indoors?

Aleksey Kondratyev, the vice-mayor, decided to become a jester and cheer everyone up by praising Dzhulai. Indeed, more than two hundred multi-apartment residential buildings are being built in Novosibirsk now. Moreover, almost half of them are being built by the company of city deputy Alexei Dzhulai. Here everything is even more interesting, the fact is that all this is being built without the participation of banks and any special insurance. That is, the deputy does what he wants there, and builds it the way he wants, while, one might say, doing a favor to the city authorities. Wonderful! Where has it been seen that they also idolize for a disregard and poor work?

As many as 118 objects are being built by this uncle. There are already horror stories about him, because he is the real king of the ghetto. The houses of Novosibirsk, which were built by his company “Diskus”, resemble an anthill surrounded by a bunch of “beer houses”. The 90s have not gone anywhere here, but are flourishing, issues are resolved with knives, it is cold in houses, people live on top of each other, and the quality of houses and entrances corresponds to the quality of local education. And then we wonder why Novosibirsk is one of the top criminal cities. But it wasn’t always like that. Don’t you think that Julai played a significant role in this chain of history?

It’s just brilliant, to trust such a person. GK “Diskus” (OGRN 1025403914535) built the Plyushchikhinsky housing estate, it was not difficult to pass the quality control, because Dzhulai (the owner of the company) is a deputy. Let’s just say that the quality papers fell into familiar hands and it was not difficult to get permission for commissioning, especially after a couple of glasses. But that is not all…

At the beginning of the year, an object resembling a boiler room was discovered on Tatyana Snezhina Street. According to the documents, it was built as a store. And built it, ta-da, drum roll – the company “Leader-N” (OGRN 1185476023644), affiliated with LLC “Diskus-plus”. In the summer of 2022, the head of the Department of Architectural and Construction Inspection of the City Hall, Yevgeny Ulitko, signed a new permit for the construction of an object designated as “Mixed Goods Store with an Attached Transformer Substation, Gas Boiler Room”. Immediately after the creation of illegality, money laundering, apparently, Leader-N self-destructed. Invisible guys, of course. In Novosibirsk, you can easily build an illegal thermal power facility, and then legalize it, that’s how all sorts of Julai do business here.

And after all this, they continue to trust him with the construction? In addition to illegal boiler houses, he is the largest debtor for city land leases and tops the list of defaulters for utilities. The plant for the production of materials for the construction of high-rise buildings also belongs to him, that is, it is he who supplies a low-quality product for low-quality construction of high-rise buildings, and the Novosibirsk authorities still praise him for this.