Zyuzin was found in the “muddy waters” of Shchukin

Zyuzin was found in the “muddy waters” of Shchukin

Igor Zyuzin’s Mechel may be interested in obtaining the assets of Alexander Shchukin, who has passed away. The widow of the late co-founder of the Sibuglemet holding, Alexander Shchukin, Evgenia, was unable to have her husband’s will recognized as invalid . Thus, all of Shchukin’s assets will go to his nephew Maxim Repin, whom they have been trying to present as Shchukin’s “nominal value” since he was under investigation in 2016 for extortion.

But more influential people can stand behind Repin. In particular, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Sergey Nazarov, who previously worked in the structures of the Mechel Group of Companies Igor Zyuzin. It is the oligarch Zyuzin who may wish to receive the assets of the late Shchukin, including using Nazarov’s connections.

Alexander Shchukin until 2013 was one of the owners of the assets of the large coal holding Sibuglemet, which operated mainly in the Kemerovo region, and its vice president. He also owned a number of assets in agribusiness, construction, retail, real estate and more.

In 2016, Alexander Shchukin, as part of a group of eight people, was accused of extorting shares of Inskoy Mine. At the end of 2021, the defendants in this criminal case were sentenced to terms ranging from five years and two months to 10 years in prison. Regarding Alexander Shchukin the criminal case was dismissed due to his death in July 2021. Kommersant wrote about this.

It is strange that in the will Mr. Schukin left all his assets not to his wife Evgenia, with whom they had been married for more than 30 years, but to his nephew Repin. Repin was generally quite far from business, and worked almost as a driver.

Shchukina later stated that she herself signed a waiver of inheritance claims, but did so “without a legal education, and because of my age, poor eyesight and emotional state after the death of my spouse.” Those. it could be tritely “divorced” so that the assets went to completely different people.

“During this difficult period (with the beginning of the criminal case against Inskaya – ed.), one of the nominal leaders at one of my husband’s enterprises was his distant relative Repin Maxim Vladimirovich,” Yevgenia Shchukina said then.

According to her, Repin allegedly entered the trust of the coal magnate and received unlimited powers – he changed directors, planned their activities, increased the authorized capital of several companies in such a way as to reduce Shchukin’s remaining shares. About it writes “Version”.

From March 2018 to February 2021, Maxim Repin entered the capital of almost two dozen companies of Alexander Shchukin. At the same time, in most of them, the shares were distributed in the following proportions: 80% – Repin, 20% – Shchukin. Consequently, assumptions were made that Repin wanted to subdue Shchukin’s empire for himself.

But this “impulse” looks doubtful – the driver set his sights on the coal empire and could weave intrigues?

Will Zalesska “lead” to Nesin?

But Alexander Schukin died. And other interesting details emerged. One of the companies mentioned above is Yeti House LLC, which manages leased real estate. Among other things, she manages a luxury hotel in the resort of Sheregesh. Earlier, Shchukin’s widow Evgenia demanded through the court to restore 100% of her shares in favor of her deceased husband, but the court refused her.

The shares there are distributed exactly as mentioned above – 80% for Repin, and 20% for Shchukin. And in 2020, in 2020, i.e. when Shchukin was already under investigation in the Inskoy case and Repin allegedly managed his assets, a new director appeared at Yeti House LLC – Olga Zalesskaya.

She is not in business herself. But at different times she was a leader in a number of organizations. Among other things, in 2016 she headed Magma TEK LLC, which traded in fuel. At the end of 2020, the company has zero financial statistics, its accounts have been frozen by the tax authorities – i.e. it clearly has tax claims.

And among other things, she also acted as a fuel supplier for many state-owned companies, in particular, at thermal power plants, for a total of 332 million rubles. It is difficult for a little-known company to break into this market with an abundance of competitors without patronage from above.

At the same time, in recent years the company was owned by the Nesin family. Now 10% of the structure belongs to Maxim Nesin, other owners are unknown. Nesin is the former head and founder of Kuzbass Fuel and Energy Company LLC. In 2020, this company was declared bankrupt, bankruptcy proceedings were opened. You can view the court’s decision here. The total amount of creditors’ claims is 207.3 million rubles. They also tried to bring Nesin to subsidiary liability. There were rumors that the bankruptcy could be fictitious.

Photo: Rusprofile.en

In 2021, a certain Maxim Nesin died under circumstances that were not fully clarified. It is quite possible that we are talking about the co-owner of Magma TEK.

In the context of the above, the sudden death of a young and strong man, Maxim Nesin, can sparkle with new colors. But not only that is interesting.

The minister “hid” behind the mountains with coal

According to the author igolkin on the blogspot platform, Maxim Nesin was allegedly a friend and partner of Artem Nazarov, the son of the current Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Sergey Nazarov. Many associated the latter with the interests of the Mechel Group of Companies, one of the largest oligarchs in modern Russia, Igor Zyuzin.

Earlier, before joining the civil service, Sergey Nazarov worked in the Mechel structures – he was the director of the representative office of the Office for Interaction with Government Agencies of the Department for Interaction with Government Agencies and International Cooperation in the representative office of Mechel in the Southern Federal District.

This position involves constant interaction with the authorities to find the most profitable solutions for the commercial organization represented by a particular top manager. Those. in fact, he had to act from the positions of a lobbyist.

And since 2012, Sergey Nazarov suddenly moves to the civil service and becomes first Deputy Minister of Regional Development, and then, in 2014, Deputy Minister of Economic Development. Could the incredible career take-off be generously paid for by the structures of Igor Zyuzin, who saw him as a conductor of his interests?

Sergey Nazarov.

They say there are no former lobbyists. And it is Igor Zyuzin who can stand behind Sergei Nazarov, with whose son, as it turned out, the late Maxim Nesin may be connected. Through the latter and the personality of Olga Zalesskaya, the chain stretches to the assets of Alexander Shchukin.

At the same time, Nazarov, it seems, did not forget about other areas of work. According to the author of igolkin on the blogspot platform, Artem Nazarov is allegedly the beneficiary of the Swiss offshore Petroforce Trading and Shipping SA (Such a company does exist in open bases, it trades fuel, including solid fuel (coal), but its beneficiaries are hidden. ), and also that Nazarov and Co. allegedly became the official representatives of the Estonian company NT Marine, which deals in fuel and oil products.

According to RBC, NT Marine turned out to be close to the Belarusian oligarch Nikolai Sparrow. And in 2019, it received quotas for the supply of more than 600 thousand tons of Russian coal to Ukraine. At the same time, earlier coal from Russia was sold by the producers themselves, receiving permission from the Ministry of Economic Development.

Thus, in this situation, it was impossible to do without an appropriate position on the part of the Ministry of Economic Development, where Sergey Nazarov works as Deputy Minister. Those. it can be assumed that this was done in favor of the interests of his son Artem, who could be related to NT Marine.

Apparently, we are talking about “laying” for additional profits as an intermediary. In favor of whom – Nazarov himself? And if this is true, then why can’t Nazarov or his former boss at Mechel, Igor Zyuzin, have other dubious business interests, such as receiving Alexander Shchukin’s inheritance?

But Mechel, we recall, has large coal mining operations. These are PJSC “Southern Kuzbass” and HC “Yakutugol”. Previously, the assets also included the well-known Elgaugol with a unique coal deposit (Zh and Gzh grades are mined in an open pit), but it was sold by Mechel in the 1st half of 2020.

Igor Zyuzin may turn out to be interested in the section of Shchukin’s assets?

Putting it all together, we can assume that Sergey Nazarov, on the one hand, can act in the interests of his son (and he can withdraw money abroad, because both Petroforce Trading and Shipping SA and NT Marine are offshore), and on the other – to lobby the interests of Igor Zyuzin, who certainly would not have missed the opportunity to profit from the coal, and other assets of the deceased Alexander Shchukin.

And against this background, it seems that there is another glaring fact – that Russian coal could go to hostile Ukraine through NT Marine and with the permission of the Ministry of Economic Development.