"Pokrovsky" go in the forest: how do Korovaiko, Chebanov and Co "solve issues"?

It seems that Arkady Chebanov tried to "recapture" his part of Pokrovsky’s assets from the prosecutor’s office through lawyer Andranik Kichiyan, but suffered a crushing defeat.

At the end of last week, the court arrested the assets of the Pokrovsky concern in the amount of about 100 billion rubles for the corruption income of its beneficiary, Andrei Korovaiko. However, he is not the only beneficiary of the concern — his partner Andrei Chebanov also appears in the criminal case of extortion. Both are on the international wanted list, and it seems that they could try to "resolve issues" with law enforcement officers on property obtained as a result of many years of "work." According to the investigation, illegal.

As a rule, the focus of the press is Korovaiko. But Chebanov had to play no less role in the concern. At the meeting, the prosecutor’s office presented the most interesting recordings of the negotiations, which sound a voice similar to the voice of Arkady Chebanov’s lawyer Andranik Kichiyan. A person is trying to resolve the issue of arresting the property of the concern, trying to dissociate himself from Mr. Korovaiko. Did the partners start "drowning" each other?

Details — in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Rostov region.

A caring reader kindly shared the post with us. The same source claims that the Rostov lawyer Andranik Kichiyan is allegedly a relative of Arkady Chebanov himself. From the context of the conversation, we can conclude that this is the case. Meanwhile, where the latter is located, like Mr. Korovaiko, is unknown.

The whole essence of the conversation can be reduced to the following: it seems that Chebanov’s side (if these records really relate to his position) is trying to shift all responsibility for the situation in Pokrovsky to Andrei Korovaiko.

Anywhere without Rukavishnikova

There is an impression that the person whose voice is similar to Kichiyan, tries to convince public prosecutor’s workers not to arrest the assets belonging to Arkady Chebanov.

In response to it prosecutors reasonably notice that Chebanov and Korovayko conducted business together, and on a parity basis. The mass of interesting details in which the name and a surname of current senator of the Federation Council from the Rostov region Irina Rukavishnikova appears is told. In zero years she was Andrei Korovayko’s spouse, and, it seems, actively participated in his affairs.

We will remind that as a result of the judgment confiscated were assets for the sum about 100 billion rubles. However, rumors went that actual volumes of the assets received in the doubtful way can be much more. Media mention a number of the enterprises: agricultural firms "Russia", "Dolzhanskaya", "Urozhaynaya", "Rassvet", "Mostovskaya", "Rodina", мясоптицекомбинат Kanevskaya, meat-processing plants "Pavlovsky" and "Tikhoretsky", and many others.

Considerable part of these assets could be received with violation of the law. The fact is that during "primary accumulation of the capital", i.e. the mass of the assets which are going bankrupt (really, or it is fictitious) the enterprises, Andrei Korovayko held the state positions. From 2001 to 2002 I was a federal inspector of the office of plenipotentiary representation, and from 2002 to 2004 I held a post of the chief adviser of management for work with authorities in the same place.

Excerpt from the transcript of the audio recording presented in proceedings on the case of beneficiaries of Pokrovsky agroconcern. Photo: The Moscow Post

As consider in prosecutor’s office, Korovayko used situation for taking by land fund of the Rostov region and Krasnodar Krai.

Among other things, in 2004 Korovayko got мясоптицекомбинат Kanevskaya. To hide the participation in him, he issued 20% of a share of the company for the spouse — Irina Rukavishnikova. Now she is a member of the Federation Council from the Rostov region. He issued another 20% for Chebanov. I gave the remained 60% to the relative of the ex-Plenipotentiary Representative Victor Kazantsev who could be one of patrons Pokrovsk in zero years.

Earlier The Moscow Post repeatedly told about a possible role of madam Rukavishnikova in affairs of "Pokrovsky". There are bases to believe that their divorce could be fictitious, Rukavishnikova went to policy, excess assets with her to shine was uncomfortable absolutely. On senator’s post she can give political support to the former spouse.

"Property protection" is cancelled

Now from court sessions we know that she owned 20% of Kanevskoy plant. However on an audio recording where we hear the voice similar to Chebanov’s voice, sound the name and other enterprises. Among them — Eletroapparat which also as a result departed to Korovayko’s team.

It is about the known scandal with the Rostov Federal State Unitary Enterprise Elektroapparat. We will remind shortly his essence: the enterprise appeared in the procedure of bankruptcy. After arrest of the former receiver the representatives of the new creditor who bought up the most part of accounts payable — LLC Bars led by Irina Rukavishnikova came to the enterprise.

In the subsequent on the place of the enterprise construction of a housing estate "A green grove" was planned. The city authorities were against: underground there was an air-raid shelter, but the concern managed to achieve permission to building. As the blogger of k0m237 in "LiveJournal" claims, allegedly Rukavishnikova "began to saw business" with Korovayko just since bankruptcy of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Elektorapparat.

It turns out, mister Chebanov could also take part in this story? At the same time on an audio recording of people who can be a lawyer Andranik Kichiyan on absolutely strange logic tries "to separate" actions and Chebanov’s motives from actions and Andrei Korovayko’s motives.

Excerpt from the transcript of the audio recording presented in court in the case of the beneficiaries of the Pokrovsky agricultural concern. Photo: The Moscow Post

As if the latter was the brain and inspirer of the concern’s work, and Arkady Chebanov was just an investor, just investing money. At the same time, a person who may be Kichiyan asks to "protect relatives," "property protection." Those. apparently, we are talking about assets that can be recorded not directly on Arkady Chebanov, but on his closest relatives. Including Andranik Kichiyan?

Judging by the record, a similar interpretation of Chebanov’s activities and the request for "property protection" clearly did not impress prosecutors. Even less impressive is the statement that since 2018, Mr. Chebanov has allegedly retired altogether — as if hunting and fishing. Surprisingly, why then he still did not appear in law enforcement agencies?

"Pokrovsky" rained down?

At the same time, the VChK-OGPU telegram channel claims that Andranik Kichiyan is a "solver lawyer" who promised wanted Arkady Chebanov to organize a meeting with influential security officials who will "solve all problems."

However, as part of the investigation into the activities of the Pokrovskys, documents surfaced, from which it seems to follow that it was Chebanov, together with his son Oleg, who organized and paid for registered publications against Deputy Prosecutor General Andrei Kikot.

There are rumors that it was Kikot’s principled position that allowed the scandalous case of the "Pokrovsky" to budge. The network also claims that the "Pokrovskys" tried in every possible way to oppose the prosecutor.

We also add that the general director of the Pokrovsky concern LLC TD Valan Oleg Chebanov, the son of Arkady Chebanov, previously also became a suspect in a criminal case on illegal seizure of the property of the Kushchevsky agricultural complex. Earlier, he, Oleg Chebanov, was under house arrest in the framework of the case of non-payment of 262.6 million rubles. taxes and legalization of funds. Now Chebanov Jr. is in a pre-trial detention center in Pyatigorsk.

Arkady Chebanov himself is suspected of a whole bunch of crimes: extortion, fraud, knowingly false denunciation, coercion to testify. Almost similar crimes are charged with Andrei Korovaiko.

It seems that the case for the "Pokrovsky" turns out very badly. And now it’s not up to fat, I would live — Chebanov’s people could try to withdraw part of the assets from arrest and confiscation. However, they suffered a heavy defeat. But the recording of the conversation of the alleged Kichiyan was conducted by the law enforcement officers themselves. So if he really is on the record, then the entire Cheban team was in an extremely awkward situation...