Nikita Mikhalkov and his real "Golden Eagle"

No sooner had our respected Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov joined the queue for IT specialists, transport workers, farmers and pharmacists for a reprieve for filmmakers, as it became known that the Crimean authorities were terminating the contract with the activists of the Union of Cinematographers. More precisely, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea in the arbitration court terminates the agreement with the House of Creativity "Sanatorium Alushtinsky" on the conditions of activity in the free economic zone.

An inexperienced reader or cinematographer or, God forbid, a member of the Union of Cinematographers will not understand, but what does Mikhalkov have to do with it, what does the Union and a sanatorium have to do with it somewhere in Alushta?

But in truth, Mikhalkov has nothing to do with it.

Nothing to do with it, because Nikita Sergeevich has a deputy in the Union of Cinematographers — Valery Ivanovich Tonkikh. So what, the inexperienced reader will say. There is also in the Union of Cinematographers, and even First Deputy Larisa Solonitsyna, the daughter of the same actor Anatoly Solonitsyn, whom we still love.

Why couldn’t Larisa Ottovna “take root” anywhere, where Nikita Sergeevich pushed her so furiously: neither in the civil service in the Ministry of Culture, nor in the State Film Fund, nor in the Cinema Fund, nor finally in the Cinema Museum, from where she was recently kicked out by crossing herself. And how she is going to steer and with whom to steer the recently created Union of Cinematographers, the Regional Cinema Support Fund, inquisitive readers will find out next time.

In the meantime, as they whisper in that very creative union, Valery Ivanovich is still that entertainer, with the hardening of a former party and Komsomol worker and the grip of a business shark from the 90s.

Without any pomposity and out of natural modesty, Valery Ivanovich calls all his affairs for the sale of the property of the union of cinematographers only “Investment projects”.

At the end of December 2019, for example, Valery Ivanovich wanted to demolish the House of Creativity Bolshevo, built in 1934, for the next investment project, and demolished it quietly. Although before that he promised that there would be no demolition.

Demolished in order to build commercial housing on 6 hectares of land near Moscow, in an attractive area.

Yes, and that’s not all. To demolish it was demolished, but before that, Valery Ivanovich made a major overhaul of the entire building. For repairs, apparently "written off" well, or spent, as you like, more than a dozen million public money.

And just a month later, in January 2020, at the next Plenum, Valery Ivanovich, without flinching with an eye or a muscle on his Komsomol face, told filmmakers that he had “invested” these allied hectares for as much as 300 million rubles, and at the same time, members of the union would be able to buy the built elite property at a discount. Are you screwed up? With a 5-10% discount.

And none of those present asked themselves the question: do I need real estate in this area and with such a discount? and the public land sold for such money is a lot or a little? and what will this money be used for when it reaches the union, because the payment is in installments, and in general, will they reach it? And in general, what kind of “investment” is this, in which, instead of income, public property is demolished and destroyed, and the land is sold. And the union will never get this land back.

But on the same day, at the same plenum, Nikita Sergeevich enthusiastically told the filmmakers: “Dear friends, you can’t imagine what kind of occupation it is, how many calls, trips, knocking dust out of carpets about Alushta and Bolshevo. This is a titanic work! ".

We briefly saw the titanic work in Bolshevo, now about Alushta.

According to rumors, everything from the same, extremely tenacious Union of Cinematographers, this sanatorium in Alushta was transferred to the creative union by almost a personal and secret decree of the President of Russia, after a meeting in 2014 between Vladimir Vladimirovich and Nikita Sergeevich.

Just think about it, dear readers: President of Russia! Passed to the creative union! Is free! Sanatorium! In Crimea!

Have you heard anything like this in the recent history of Russia, over the past 30 years?

Here and in the Union of Cinematographers, they have not heard such a thing.

And apparently, in order to save the nerves of the members of the creative union, Valery Ivanovich transferred in 2015 all these presidential 10, or even all 15 sanatorium hectares in the center of Alushta and the beach to the heap, not to the Union of Cinematographers, but to a LLC shechka specially created by him , and called it without any pathos — "The House of Creativity Sanatorium Alushtinsky."

But does the weary reader know who was the sole founder of this limited liability company, again without any fanfare and pathos — the Golden Eagle Academy. Ba-bam-s, also the brainchild of Nikita Sergeevich.

And since it has become not public property, but the property of an LLC-shechka, then the commercial profit from the sanatorium-medical-resort-beach activities can not be sent to the union, but quietly divided among themselves, Valery Ivanovich decided. Therefore, he managed and divided.

But from those who come to the sanatorium, mostly age members of the union, who want to soak up the sun of Alusht On the so-called "social vouchers" you can take money both from your own union and from the visitors themselves.

How Valery Ivanovich managed in such non-market greenhouse conditions is known only to the Lord God and the Investigative Committee.

Well, that’s not all adventures with the President’s gift to the Union of Cinematographers, our weary reader.

All at the same January plenum, Valery Ivanovich, uncompromisingly in a party way, as at the reporting and re-election Komsomol conference of the late 80s, he reported to those present: “The following conditions were accepted: the Union retains 10% of the participation, and it also receives 10 million rubles and a thousand square meters of new housing (in monetary terms, about 90 million rubles). A residential complex will be built on the territory of the sanatorium. The apartments will either be sold to the side to raise money, or rented out, or maybe the members of the Union will express a desire to purchase them.

And again “investments”, and again “a residential complex will be built” and again “members of the union can purchase”, a familiar lexicon. The same as in Bolshevo, the same as in the Repino House, by the way. In the House of Film Veterans "Matveevskoye" and premises on Chernyakhovsky Street, the same lexicon was, and all these objects were "for invested", and forever.

And again, members of the union lined up to purchase apartments, but in Alushta.

But Valery Ivanovich did not specify to those present at the plenum with whom exactly such nice and commercially profitable agreements were reached: to sell, a gift from the President for 10 million rubles. And he did not explain to those present why such a commercial necessity left the union with these “10% participation”, apparently so that Vladimir Vladimirovich would not have guessed anything.

And Valery Ivanovich agreed, according to local residents, either with a fugitive Crimean official, embezzler, or with a Crimean bribe-taker who has been under investigation for a couple of years, in general, he agreed with some such, colorful character.

Because, according to all the same eyewitnesses, no construction of “thousands of square meters of new housing” has begun. And it hasn’t started yet. And apparently it won’t start. And these hectares were needed, again according to local residents, for some murky schemes with the commercial interest of this colorful character, who will come out — it will not be soon.

And how much did such a commercial "gift" cost in reality and how much was rolled back to Valery Ivanovich, let the other Ivanovich examine it under a magnifying glass.

And more recently, it became known that Valery Ivanovich reached his “demobilization chord” — this is the reconstruction of the Moscow House of Cinema.

On this “investment project”, you can also turn around and work well, and Valery Ivanovich worked just as successfully as on all the previous ones.

But unfortunately, this “investment project” will be the last thing left for the still living Union of Russian Cinematographers.

P.S. While these lines were being written, at the request of the Government of Crimea, the Arbitration Court left without consideration the application for termination of the agreement on the conditions of activity in the free economic zone.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin