The former head of the world biathlon in Norway was given 3 years and 7 months in prison for bribes he received from functionaries of the Russian Biathlon Union

The former head of the world biathlon in Norway was The former head of the world biathlon in Norway was given 3 years and 7 months in prison for bribes he received from functionaries of the Russian Biathlon Union

Anders Besseberg

The Norwegian court recognized the former president of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) Anders Besseberg guilty of nine out of ten counts of corruption during his time at the helm of the IBU. About it reports NRK.

Besseberg, 78, was sentenced to three years and one month in prison. It is not yet known whether he will appeal.

Besseberg was found guilty of receiving various bribes from Russian functionaries, in particular an Omega watch (worth about $18 thousand), which he received from the former executive director of the Russian Biathlon Union Sergei Kushchenko in 2011, and a Ulysses Nardin watch ($3.6 thousand). ) from four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov.

Besseberg was also found guilty of using the services of prostitutes provided to him by the Russian side, making several hunting trips in Russia (*aggressor country), Austria and the Czech Republic, and using a leased BMW car for free (worth about $80 thousand).

The prosecution asked to sentence Besseberg to three years and seven months in prison, to fine him 1 million Norwegian kroner (more than €88 thousand) and to recover from him the cost of hunting trips, to confiscate hunting trophies and the three watches mentioned in the case – in the amount of more than €123 thousand .

Norwegian prosecutors in April 2023 accused Besseberg of corruption and accepting bribes from “Russian biathlon officials” while serving as head of the IBU, which he held from 1993 to 2018. The case file alleged that the bribes were received from Russian biathlon officials and the agency that owned the IBU’s marketing and commercial rights.

The current head of the Russian Biathlon Union Viktor Maigurov in January stated NRKthat Besseberg did not protect the interests of Russia (*aggressor country), which had only one World Cup event per year. Maigurov refused to answer questions about gifts to Besseberg.

Besseberg resigned as IBU president in 2018 amid a corruption scandal. In 2018, the Austrian authorities began an investigation against Besseberg and his subordinates in the case of possible concealment of positive “doping tests” of Russians, illegal distribution of media rights and corruption in the selection of Tyumen as the capital of the 2021 World Cup.


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Nicole Resch

Nicole Resch

Former IBU Secretary General Nicole Resch testified in the Besseberg trial.

The trial of former International Biathlon Union (IBU) President Anders Besseberg is taking place in Norway. He is accused of corruption for the period from 2009 to 2018, when he headed the IBU.

The prosecution alleges that Besseberg accepted bribes in the form of watches, used the services of prostitutes paid by others, and agreed to free hunting trips abroad. […]

The prosecutor read out an email sent by Resch after the Biathlon World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk in March 2015. Resch wrote to an IBU colleague: “It’s been a tough week. Prostitutes were constantly coming and going.”

“These were young girls. There was no secret in this. Many colleagues boasted [отношениями с женщинами в России] and they said that this was normal – including Besseberg.

When these women were introduced to me during breakfast, it was said that they were business partners. But it didn’t look like a business relationship at all. Moreover, these ladies did not speak Norwegian, English or German,” Resch said in court.

Besseberg stated that they were translators. “I don’t think it’s unnatural that you saw me at breakfast with women who translated for me,” the former IBU head responded to Resch’s words.

Resch also said that Besseberg behaved inappropriately towards her when she first started working at the IBU.

“In 2008 there was an unpleasant situation. We were in Athens and after dinner he asked me if I wanted to go to his room to get some rest.

We just started collaborating and didn’t know each other well. I took this as impudence. She explained that she was not available to perform such “responsibilities.”

He then said that it was just a test to see if I could cope and establish my position in a male-dominated world. And that he is satisfied with my answer,” said the former IBU Secretary General.


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Alexander Tikhonov

Alexander Tikhonov

Former IBU Secretary General Resch spoke about a bribery attempt on the part of Tikhonov. […]

Nicole Resch testified in court and said that the former head of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU), four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov tried to give her a jewelry box.

According to Resch, this happened in 2009 during a doping scandal involving the suspension of Russians Albina Akhatova, Ekaterina Yuryeva and Dmitry Yaroshenko for erythropoietin. At that time, Tikhonov was vice-president of the IBU.

“It was an incredibly uncomfortable situation and he was very angry afterwards. I remember this because I was scared.

So I called our president (Besseberg) and asked if we could have a big dog in the office,” said the former IBU Secretary General.

Resch got the impression that Besseberg and Tikhonov knew each other so well that the matter “went down the drain.”, 02/09/2024, “Alexander Tikhonov: “What did I need from Resh to bribe her? These are absolutely stupid statements.”: Tikhonov responded to accusations of attempted bribery by the ex-IBU Secretary General.

“I decided there was nothing more to say except accusations against me. She did not greet the Russians. When I walked into the office, she turned away.

How could I bribe her? A box? I had no sympathy for her. She was simply deprived and never smiled.

I won’t hide it, my wife has very serious jewelry.

Why could I give something to Resh? And Rodchenkov said that Kravtsov and I brought a suitcase of money.

During my administration, the federation was recognized as the best among all countries. I was recognized as the best president. What did I need from Resh to bribe her?

Besseberg said that I created a lot of problems. These are absolutely stupid statements,” said the four-time Olympic champion. — Insert


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“I want the watch I received from Tikhonov to be destroyed or sent back to him.” Besseberg made his closing statement in court

Polina Lotsik

Former IBU President Anders Besseberg made his closing statement in court. […]

“There is a limit to what a person can endure when there is no longer any light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been in this tunnel for five years,” Besseberg said.

He stated that he was subjected to constant harassment and abuse from the moment the case was opened until the end of the trial.

Besseberg also categorically refused to admit guilt in corruption. He noted that he was surprised by the “narrow-mindedness” that he believed the prosecution showed on issues related to its relations with Russia (*aggressor country).

“Although I received expensive gifts and many invited me to hunt, I must emphasize that I never allowed myself to be corrupted.

I never sold gifts I received or otherwise tried to enrich myself as president.

In any case, my political opponents managed to trample me into the dirt. The heritage is destroyed forever. Now I will always be perceived as a scandalous president.

I devoted almost my entire life to this sport and did what I thought was right.

It saddens me to feel like a wild boar in Norway – a representative of an undesirable species of fauna that can be freely shot all year round.

Even though the media pre-judged me based on someone else’s opinions and blatantly false and erroneous statements, I am confident that the court will draw its conclusions and make an objective decision. I can’t plead guilty.

I want to ask only one thing. I hope the watch I received from Alexander Tikhonov will be destroyed or sent back to him,” said the former president of the International Biathlon Union.