Field suits “moss” made Sergei Mileiko rich

As it became known to Kommersant, 62-year-old Sergey Mileiko, the ex-deputy director of the National Guard for logistics, was transferred to Moscow from the colony. The former lieutenant general, who is serving a six-year sentence for real estate fraud, the investigation plans to bring a new charge of fraud in the purchase of uniforms for the guards, the damage from which exceeded 388 million rubles.

Sergei Mileiko was transferred to Moscow from a penal colony (IK) of general regime No. 5 in Kirovo-Chepetsk for former law enforcement officers and judges. In it, by the verdict of the Reutov garrison military court in 2021, he was serving a six-year sentence for real estate fraud, working in a garment factory, under which a former pre-revolutionary match factory used as an IK was converted.

Once in the capital, Sergei Mileiko appeared before the 235th garrison military court, which, at the request of the Main Military Investigation Department (GVSU) of the TFR, authorized his two-month arrest as a suspect in a new criminal case on especially large-scale fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code) . From the court, he was sent to SIZO-4 “Medved” for the security forces, and soon he should be formally charged.

According to Kommersant’s information, the measure of restraint for the former deputy commander-in-chief was chosen as part of a criminal case initiated by the investigator for especially important cases of the GVSU TFR on the basis of materials from the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB department for the Russian Guard in mid-December last year. It says that the alleged participant in the fraud, in addition to Sergei Mileiko, who until 2019 was in charge of logistical support in the Russian Guard, is one of the founders and former general director of Spetsshveysnab LLC Igor Shalnov.

It should be noted that in accordance with the government decree on November 29, 2017, this LLC was appointed the sole supplier of clothing for the needs of the Russian Guard. At the same time, the investigation believes, businessman Shalnov and Lieutenant General Mileiko “had a criminal intent aimed at embezzling budget funds allocated to the Russian Guard to pay for the state defense order (GOZ) of clothing.” For its implementation, according to the GVSU of the TFR, on behalf of General Mileiko, employees of the Russian Guard, unaware of his “criminal intentions”, from December 2017 to April 2018 sent requests for proposals to a dozen manufacturing companies for the price of vests with alternating horizontal stripes of maroon and white colors; camouflage caps in “moss” coloring and caps in “dot” coloring. In turn, Mr. Shalnov “through persuasion and promises to involve the state defense order in cooperation” convinced the heads of other enterprises to submit commercial offers for these products to the National Guard at inflated prices. And already relying on them, he presented his proposals with also an overpriced price. General Mileiko, using his official position contrary to the interests of the service, the investigation believes, instructed to ensure the conclusion of contracts at prices offered by Spetsshveysnab, since they were allegedly average market prices.

As follows from the documents available to Kommersant, the validity of the cost of supplies was not checked at all.

As a result, 25 thousand vests were purchased from the LLC for 9.7 million rubles, for which, according to the investigation, they almost doubled – 4.7 million. The price was 63 thousand caps, for which they paid almost 25 million rubles. , turned out to be overpriced by 3.5 million, and 28 thousand caps (a contract for 21.8 million rubles) – by 8 million. This was the first episode in the fraud case currently under investigation.

Then, in the summer of 2018, the investigation believes, a soap scam was pulled. General Mileiko, according to the GVSU TFR, instructed the logistics centers of the Russian Guard in the districts to place orders for the purchase of Army solid toilet soap at a price of 131 rubles. per kilogram from Spetsshveysnab LLC. At the same time, the guards did not have the initial data for determining the cost of contracts, and the usually used method of costly pricing was ignored by the inspectors. As a result, each of the seven contracts brought more than 300 thousand rubles to the alleged fraudsters. super profits.

After that, from May to December 2018, according to the investigation, the defendants organized theft during the purchase for a total amount of 387 million 648 thousand rubles. winter and summer moss uniforms, belts, sleeve insignia, gloves, etc. Only the belts supplied to the guards, due to the indication in the contracts of unreasonable, unrelated costs, brought 4 million rubles, chevrons – 11 million rubles, and camouflage – more than 77 million rubles.

In 2019, Spetsshveysnab was again appointed by the government as the sole supplier of the guards’ clothing. However, due to the intervention of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, which recognized the inadmissibility of using the comparable price method when calculating contracts between the National Guard and LLC, the alleged fraudsters developed a new plan of theft. Now, settlement and calculation materials began to be sent to the customer, explaining the cost of the form, which, according to the investigation, was still very overpriced. Thus, the contract concluded in March 2019 for the supply of green and gray-blue field suits “moss” for a total of 572 million rubles, according to the investigation, brought the defendants, in addition to legal profits, about 200 million illegal ones.

In total, according to the GVSU TFR, the alleged fraud was committed in the amount of 388 million 558 thousand rubles.

According to the investigation, the proceeds from the scams were transferred by Mr. Shalnov to the accounts of controlled firms and individuals (the latter in the form of bonuses for hard work), who cashed them out and returned them to the head of Spetsshveysnab. He divided them among the members of the criminal group, which included General Mileiko.

The materials of the new case say that Sergei Mileiko, a graduate of the Kharkov Higher Military School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, who later graduated from the Military Academy of Logistics and Transport, served in the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then the National Guard since 1994. In 2017, he was appointed Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Guard, before the initiation of a criminal case, he was characterized only positively, he was awarded state and departmental awards. He was expelled from the lists of the personnel of the guard two days after his resignation – in July 2019.

Kommersant failed to promptly receive comments from representatives of the defendants in the new investigation. It is known that none of them pleads guilty, denying the very fact of overpricing and theft. At the same time, Mr. Shalnov is already a defendant in a criminal case of fraud with a form, which, however, is in the proceedings of the investigating authorities of the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR in Moscow.

In turn, ex-general Mileiko, appealing the six-year term in the first case, reached the Supreme Court. He believes that the statute of limitations has expired on this charge, so he received the punishment unreasonably. Kirill Prokudin, an accomplice of the general, does not agree with the verdict either. Only he is already at home, having achieved through the court the right to parole.