Operation “Master Swift”: no one writes to Colonel Stroganov?

The head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the North-Eastern District of Moscow, Konstantin Stroganov, “collects” the statements of the victims while they are knocked down in search of justice.

Rinat Dayanov , a businessman from the capital, turned to the editorial office of The Moscow Post for help.

And the story is just fantastic! A man lived for himself, enjoyed life, made plans, set goals, planned something in his life. And suddenly: the debtor Dayanov, pay back multi-million dollar debts! So Dayanov was “taken aback” by the officials of the Moscow City Property Department.

On the day when the bad news came, Mr. Dayanov allegedly owed the Department of City Property more than 5 million 640 thousand rubles for renting the premises – the hairdressing chain “Master Strizh” on Dekabristov Street. But, as they say, he was neither a dream nor a spirit …

Of course, Dayanov began to look for “ends”, turned to law enforcement agencies, since the situation, although anecdotal, is still purely criminal.

And while Rinat Dayanov monotonously walks and walks in a circle, into which he seems to have been “pushed” by the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, Konstantin Stroganov. And The Moscow Post spoke about the actions of this colonel not so long ago in a journalistic investigation “I’m on Earth, the police are on Mars”.

Evidently, Mr. Stroganov does not like his responsible work, since one gets the impression that he is simply lazily “collecting” the statements of the victims. And while the colonel is “chasing” an innocent person in a “circle”, the “debts” of the unfortunate man have grown to 11 million rubles due to all sorts of various delays.

Why the police do not want to do their direct duties? And it turns out that again, instead of the police, the case of the victim at the hands of swindlers is being dealt with by journalists, Mr. Minister Kolokoltsev!

The correspondent understood the situation The Moscow Post.

Where do the “legs” grow from?

When communicating with the victim Rinat Dayanov, the following curious details came to light: back in 2002 (that is, 20 years ago) in house No. 1 on Decembristov Street, our unwitting hero rented a room “for office purposes” (office) with an area of ​​181.9 square meters. meters. Mr. Dayanov rented this premises for a period until April 1, 2009 with the right of early termination and prolongation.

The entrepreneur was then engaged in landscape design. But in 2005 some changes took place in his life, and Rinat Dayanov decided to terminate the contract of 2002. The entrepreneur formalized all the papers and submitted an application to the Department of City Property. Signed the act of acceptance – transfer …

And in 2017, Dayanov completely ceased to be an individual entrepreneur – as they say, “closed the shop.”

And he lived calmly and even happily until February 2020. “thunder” did not strike. It was then that the Department of City Property of Moscow, through the court, tried to obtain from him, Dayanov Rinat “unpaid rent on the fact of using the premises at Dekabristov Street, house No. 1. For the period from May 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019 in the amount of 5 million 640 thousand 196 rubles and 82 kop.

As the victim said, on March 5, 2020, he arrived at st. Decembrists, house number 1. And I saw on the signs of the hairdressing salon “Master Swift” and my name “IP Dayanov” …

To say he was surprised is an understatement.

Summed up “under the monastery”

But still, Rinat Dayanov quickly realized that he had to call the law enforcement officers. I dialed “02”, but only from the first minutes the dialogue did not work out: the call to our law enforcement officers seemed frivolous, insignificant. 5 hours in a row, the injured citizen asked the police to come. And yet he managed to get an operational investigation team to the barber shop “Master Swift”. They interviewed Rinat Dayanov, took away the application. And they departed. As a result, the papers ended up in the department for combating economic crimes and combating corruption (OBEP and PC).

Dekabristov Street, house number 1 – these are the territories of the Department of Internal Affairs of the North-Eastern District, led by the “valiant” Colonel Konstantin Stroganov, whose real affairs were described in the January publication “I am on Earth, the police are on Mars.” And pay attention to the dates: in fact, 2 years have passed since that memorable day! And all this time, a law-abiding citizen is looking for justice, but does not find it, since the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of the capital, in the person of Colonel Stroganov, does not see the corpus delicti. Although the papers initially ended up in the department for combating economic crimes.

Doesn’t this sound like an outright scam? And “under the monastery” Rinat Dayanov summed up a Litvinov Sergei Gavrilovich. They say that this person is well known in law enforcement agencies.

A photo: Rusprofile

As it turns out later, it was he who turned out to be one of the owners of the Master Swift salon network, as well as a dozen other offices.

But for some reason, this person was not very interested in the employees of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of the capital …

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

According to Rinat Dayanov himself, the employees of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes and Combating Corruption were simply dragging their feet. And they did not investigate anything, although they received a lot of documents from the victim Dayanov!

I had to seek help from the Moscow prosecutor’s office. Answers came quickly, but the matter did not move from a dead point …

I had to appeal to the “heavy artillery” – the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

But the deputies, as a result, could not help in this difficult situation, although they made requests very actively.

Rinat Dayanov even managed to shoot a TV story about his gloomy story. The story was shown on TV “News”. But after that again – silence …

Rather, the refusal to initiate a criminal case.

Apparently, Colonel Stroganov does not watch TV.

And the press service of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern Administrative District of the capital does not work well! This was also revealed during repeated communication between The Moscow Post journalists and press service employees.

Examination confirmed the fake

It should be noted that all these years Rinat Dayanov has been helped by his brother, lawyer Marat Dayanov, to unravel the “tangle”.

The building of the Department of Internal Affairs of the North-Eastern District of Moscow. Photo: Nadezhda Popova

That is why the brothers competently turned to an authoritative expert to conduct an examination regarding the signature of Rinat Dayanov on various financial documents that the alleged attackers had spawned.

This expert was Vladimir Kondratiev from the independent agency Expert. It was he who was engaged in handwriting expertise.

The conclusion of the examination is unequivocal: all the documents bear a false signature of Rinat Dayanov.

But even to these arguments, people in uniform keep a strange silence. Why?

Photo: Moscow City Property Department

What’s the matter? In a possible tandem of alleged swindlers with officials from the Department of City Property of Moscow. This still needs to be proven. But how else can one explain the fact that back in 2005, Rinat Dayanov rented out the premises on Dekabristov Street, house 1, which he had rented since 2002, “on receipt” and did not appear in this place again?

It also turned out that the likely intruders used a photocopy of R.T.’s old passport. Dayanova. And all these facts seemed frivolous to Colonel Stroganov’s employees?

This is how casually and very lazily one of the divisions of the metropolitan police works. We hope that on Petrovka, 38 they will be interested in the methods of work of Colonel Stroganov and the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of Moscow.


Author: Nadezhda Popova