6. Сколько детей в этой семье? 7. Сколько мебели в этой комнате? 8. Сколько денег в кошельке? 9. Сколько карандашей в коробке? 10. Сколько мальчиков в твоем классе?

Ответы: 2
Ксюха Кузьменко
2017-10-01 03:46
1. What is on your table? 2. What is Under The Bed? 3. Who among those people? 4. What is above the armchair? 6.How many Children In this Family? 5. What to be in front of your House? 7.How Much furniture Is in this room? 8. How much money in your wallet? 9. How many pencils in the box? 10. How many Boys in your Class?

2017-09-30 12:24
1 What is there on the table? 2 What is there under the sofa? 3 Who is there among those people? 4 What is there above the armchair? 5 What is there in front of your house? 6 How many children are there in this family? 7 How much furniture is there in this room? 8 How much money is there in the purse/wallet? 9 How many pencils are there in the box? 10 How many boys are there in your class?