Preposition of place

Remember that we use to after verbs of movement, such as go, come, bring and take, return.


Bring your books to the lesson.

Go to the cinema.

Will you come to my party?

However arrive is followed by in or at and home does not need a preposition


We arrived at the station

We arrived in Paris

You can go home


There are some other differences which we will look at in preposition of time

The Use of in and at


We use in with towns and countries:

He lives in Moscow.

Paris is in France.

We use at for other places. However for many places we can use at or in:

He’s at the office or He’s in the office…….are both correct.

In stresses that it’s a more permanent state:

We can meet at your office

He’s not in his office.

My brother is a doctor. He works in a hospital

He’s broken his leg. He’s in hospital.

I visited my friend at the hospital

Preposition of Time.

The uses of at

We use at for exact times:

At 2 o’clock

Holidays of longer than one day:

At Christmans

At the weekend

The Uses of in

We use in for seasons:

In summer

For years:

In 1997

For months:

In January

For periods of time in the future:

In two weeks

The uses of on


We use on for one day:

On 25th November

On Wednesday

On Christmas day

We use on for special periods also, even if the previous word is a verb of motion:

Steve has gone on holiday

Mike has gone on a business trip

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