Telephone (phone) Выражения

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If you want to telephone your mother (call her, ring her (up), give her a ring), you dial her (phone) number, which can be found inthe phone book (directory). If it’s a long-distance call, you may ask the operator to connect you. The phone will ring, and if your mother is at home, she will answer by picking up the receiver. If she is busy, she may ask you to call back later. If she doesn’t want to speak to you, she may hang up (replace the receiver). If she is already on the phone, when you call her, her number is engaged (BrE),busy (AmE).

A telephone in a public place is a phone box or a call box, or phone booth.

You mother was on the phone = she called by phone.

I spoke to him by telephone/on the telephone.

Receiver — [rI’si:vq]

1. 1) получатель

2) грузополучатель

2. (радио)приёмник

3. телефонная трубка

to lift the receiver — поднять трубку

directory [d(a)I’rekt(q)rI] 1) руководство, справочник, указатель

2) адресный справочник, адресная книга

telephone /phone/ directory — телефонная книга, телефонный справочник)

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