up when?
6. Is good at who History?
7. They where spend usually do summer?
8. You TV watch when do?
9. Often walks who dog the?
10. Subject favorite your what is?
11. Old he how is?
12. Does he where live?
13. Is her name what?
14. Books do what they read?
15. Your when birthday is?
16. Is good who Geography at?
17. Does she have when dinner?
18. Goes who to bed at 10 o clock ?
19. You do get up when?
20. Is good at who English?

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Valera Beregovoy
2017-11-14 15:59
1.When is his birthday? 2. Who is good at Math? 3. When do they havu supper Browns? 4. Who goes to school at 10? 5. When do they get up? 6. who is good at history? 7. Where do they usually spend summer? 8. When do u watch TV? 9. Who ofren walks the dog? 10. What is your favourite subject? 11. How old is he? 12. Where does he live? 13. What is her name? 15. What books do they read? 16. Who is good at Geo? 17. When does she hane dinner? 18. Who goes to bed at 10? 19. When do u get up? 20. Who is good at English?