1. Составьте предложения из данных слов
a) Because, you, have, I, I, any, lend, money, got, none, can’t.
b) Does, from, what, says, she, she, is, different, what, always.
c) Objection, staying, understand, his, your, us, I, to, with, can’t.
d) Congratulate, success, you, passing, must, her, her, exams, on, the, in.
e) Learn, text-book, might, gave, lesson, so, his, he, him, I, the, that.
f) Pipe, sitting, bench, Harry, seen, with, be, on, a, often, the, might.
g) We, if, home, been, returned, play, would, earlier, had, long, the, have, so, not.
h) Hotel, delayed, return, his, had, as, was, to, flight, to, he, the.
i) Parents, you, respect, I, your, ought, some, think, to, for, show
j) I, behind, reached, someone’s, heard, before, the, me, had, steps, corner, I.
a) I can’t lend you any money because I have got none.
b) What she says is different from what she always does.
c) I can’t understand your objection to his staying with us.
d) You must congratulate her on her success in the passing exams.
e) I gave him the text-book so that he might learn lesson.
f) Harry might often be seen sitting on the bench with a pipe.
g) We would have returned home earlier if the play had not been so long.
h) As his flight was delayed he had to return to the hotel.
i) I think you ought to show respect for your parents.
j) I heard someone’s steps behind me before I reached the corner.

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