— a Ford car
— a jar of jam
— a jar of cream/ moisturizing cream/ night-care cream/ hand cream/ shaving cream
— a packet of dog biscuits
— a box of eggs
— a ring of pork sausages
— a bottle of salad oil
— a kilo of frozen vegetables
— a can of beer
— a bottle of fruit juice
— a bottle of champagne
— a bunch of grapes
— a packet of noodles
— a beautifully designed double-decker London bus as a souvenir
— a glove puppet of a Yeoman Warder as a souvenir
— a model of Concord
— a box of Lego bricks
— a floor length skirt
— a dress with loose long sleeves
— a spring- folded umbrella
— a pair of Nike running shoes 
— a barbecued chicken
— a T- shirt heralding a musical ground called ‘Coughing Up Blood’
— some descent clothes
— some bread for sandwiches
— a loaf of bread and some butter to spread on it
— a tube of toothpaste and a new toothbrush
— a personal stereo and some cassettes to play on it
— some pieces of bed linen/ table linen
— a photograph frame
— a polo T- shirt / a logo T- shirt, a short- sleeved cotton shirt/ a patterned polo shirt/ a business shirt
— a navy single- breasted two-piece suit/ a pure wool suit
— a pair of wide- leg women’s trousers
— a tweed suitcase 
— a large dried flower arrangement
— an embroidered blanket cover
— an embroidered blanket cover
— an ergonomically designed seating
— a three- seater sofa- bed
— a top – named grand piano such as Bechstein or Blutner
— some pieces of earthware porcelain
— a crystal chandelier
— a modern floor standing lamp
— some soft toys
— some CDs/ Mini Discs/ digital compact cassettes
— a home cinema unit
— a semi- professional back projector video monitor
— a new Trinitron TV
— a portable telephone
— a brass trumpet
— some items of windshield clothing
— a Japanese samurai sword


— by cheque
— cash/ in a cash
— at the check- out
— for something with plastic


— to be sold out
— to sell well
— to go on sale
— to be on sale
— to be for sale
— to go shopping
— to go to the shops to get a few things
— to go window shopping
— to available free of charge
— to blow money on…
— to shop around
— to shop around
— to shop at Harrods
— to bargain for something
— to bargain over the discount
— to bargain on something


— greatly reduced
— sale
— contemporary
— adjusted
— present- day
— high
— low
— fixed
— cheap
— dirt cheap
— dear
— expensive — usual
— rocketing
— real
— reasonable
— half


— get higher
— go sky high
— go up
— change weekly
— shoot up
— rise too much
— rise too fast
— change overtime
— remain stable
— reach an all time high
— be sleep

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