ARE THEY TRUE SHOPPERS? — to wander round the shop looking at goods new outfit
— to browse
— to inspect prices
— o look at the price tags
— to purchase at the last moment
— to wait in long queues (lines — AE) 
— to stand in long queues
— to queue at the check – out
— to make purchases
— to pluck down one’s money
— to ask to give information about…
— to ask to help to find the right thing
— to ask to weight potatoes
— to ask the price
— to try on
— to leave the shop without buying anything
— to leave the shop loaded with goods
— to pay for the purchases
— to look around
— to waste money on dear clothes
— to examine all the goods one intends to buy
— to satisfy oneself over the quality
— to bargain / to offer / to compromise
— to head straight to…
— to lavish a small fortune 


— they only want to see what is out
— they try to buy low
— they hesitate over the choice between two ore more things
— they are uncertain about choosing
— they can’t pay high prices
— they can’t afford spending… on…
— they can’t afford de-luxe models
— they are too stingy
— they are mean with money
— they are not extravagant
— they are misers (they try to spend as little as possible) 
— they don’t throw money around
— they haggle over the prices
— they don’t want to let go of their hard – earned money
— cost is an important consideration for them 
— the goods are awfully/ astronomically/ terribly expensive
— the things they intend to buy is slightly imperfect
— there is nothing to their liking


— ask customers politely what they want
— help customers choose a right dress/ coat/ pair of shoes
— weigh up
— wrap up the purchases in paper
— try to sell high
— try to overcharge the customer
— try to make the customer buy something he/ she doesn’t want

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