— It betrays me as a foreigner
— I should speed up my reading
— My English is slow, searching for the words
— My English is poor. I still have a long way to go
— My pronunciation is poor
— My vocabulary is limited
— I am ashamed of my mistakes in English
— My knowledge of English is far from satisfactory
— There are wide gaps in my knowledge of English
— I can’t speak and write it well / without making mistakes 
— I should increase my vocabulary
      Learn grammar
       Learn spelling
       Learn pronunciation


— help me cut through many barriers to social, academic and business success
— help me realize how much I can influence others simply by speaking and writing with greater power and authority
— help me talk freely about politics, culture, sport, hobbies to a foreigner
— pay me real dividents in business and social advancement


Standard English
American English
Broken English
Impeccable English

— mother tongue
— cradle tongue
— native language/ foreign/ ancient/ modern/ formal/ informal/ spoken/ kitchen/ official / national / common/ broken / archaic/ rudimental/ second


— I am multilingual
— I am perfect in some foreign languages
— I am bad/ good/ rather weak at languages / at communing in English
— I am fluent in two languages
— I jump from language to language quite easily
— I have a flair for languages
— I have great facility in / for learning languages
— I have a good command of English
— I have an ear for languages
— I have a gift for languages
— I have a talent for languages
— I have a genius for languages
— I have no good knowledge of English
— I have no good grasp of English
— I have a fear of speaking a foreign language
— I learn a foreign language properly / perfectly / at my own place / on my own / quickly / thoroughly
— I speak English fairly well
— I want to perfect myself in English
— I want to improve my language skills
— I want to improve my reading skills
— I want to study English in greater depth
— I want to watch TV programmes in English
— I want to watch films in English
— I want to learn new things about English culture
— I want to read in English quite a lot
— I want to speak English without an accent
— I want to speak English with unaccented fluency
— I want to speak English fluently
— I want to use English for business
— for professional purposes
    for travel
    for social contacts
    in ordinary conversation
    on the telephone
    in meetings
    to give lectures
— I know classical Latin, Greek 

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