Face shape: thin, long, angular, round, baby- face(d), oval, square, clean shaven, irregular, lean. 
Nose: flat, pointed, straight, tip-tilled, shapeless, hook-shaped, delicate, broad, Greek. 
Eyes: small, large, narrow, round, blue, cool, warm, suspicious
Cheeks: high cheek bones, plumb, rounded, rosy, shiny, expressive. 
Complexion: dark, fair, smooth, rough, swarthy, weather-beaten, 
Hair: blonde, (light/dark) brown, red, ginger, auburn, black, grey, white, wavy, curly, frizzy, straight, long, short, bald, balding (= becoming bald). 
Chin: round, square, pointed, have a dimple
Mouth: small, big, with thin/ full lips
We wear our hair: long, short, shoulder- length, close- cropped, in a pony tail, loose over shoulders. 

Describing Personality

Frank/modest Trouble- maker Spiteful
Careful Selfish Cunning
Happy Critical Two-faced
Cleaver Aggressive Meditative
Disciplined Talkative Outgoing
Patient Self confident Reserved
Respectful Greedy Dedicated
Enthusiastic Careless Loyal
Sensitive Heartless Tireless
Industrious Unstable Diligent
Sincere Moody Dynamic
Polite Rude Strong willed
Easy- going Pessimistic Decisive
Successful Absent- minded Resolute
Friendly Bad- tempered Determined
Witty Coward Compassionate
Thoughtful Jealous Anxious
Tactful Bully Indifferent
Hard- working Lazy Tolerant
Sociable Suspicious Charitable
Fun- loving Secretive Charming
Calm / quiet Obstinate Upright
Cheerful Nervous Frank
Kind Forgetful Sincere
Constructive Dunce Wise
Creative Liar Firm
Attentive Glutton Light minded
Emotional Scandal- monger Conceited
Serious Cry- baby Reckless
Generous Blockhead Pompous
Cautious braggart hasty

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