People go shopping when they are running of food, want to have some new items of clothing or select presents for their relatives and friends. 

It is such a chore to do shopping every day. But when the refrigerators in their homes are empty, they rush to the supermarkets, bakeries, groceries, dairies and visit marketplaces. They stand in long queues to buy bread, milk, sausages, butter and so on. 

People are frequent visitors to the city market, too, especially when they canЎЇt buy good vegetables and fruit at shops. Although the prices there sky- high they have an opportunity to bargain with sellers over the discount. Hey buy watermelons, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, meat and potatoes. 

As for me, I am a true shopper. Many people donЎЇt buy, the just want to see what is out in thw shops. They wander around looking at goods, browse, inspect prices and leave the shops without buying anything. They donЎЇt buy because they either canЎЇt pay high prices or thereЎЇs nothing to their liking at the shop. Nowadays the goods are astronomically expensive and cost is an important consideration for many shoppers. 

In my family it s my motherЎЇs duty to make purchases. But very often she sends me shopping for goods to the supermarket or to the department store. I like to go to the department store where they keep everything you need: from a needle to an Orient rug. There is a wonderful choice of shoes, clothes, household goods, school supplies, cutlery and tableware, souvenirs in the department store. Here one can buy a whistling kettle and a coffee grinder, an electric cooker and a shoe brush, an attachЁ¦ case and a traveling bag, wedding rings and a gold chain, a wall light and a crystal chandelier, a T- shirt and a fur coat, a pair of jeans or pyjamas, a record player or a musical centre. 

There are a lot of departments in the department store: household goods department, ladiesЎЇ wear department, menЎЇs wear department, footwear department, fabrics, perfumery, haberdashery departments. 

When I want to buy a new item of clothing, for example, I go straight to the ladiesЎЇ (menЎЇs) department. I ask a shop assistant to help me to find the right one. IЎЇm very selective because I donЎЇt want to buy a thing which is imperfect or doesnЎЇt suit me, is too large or too small. Moreover my family cannot waste money on dear clothes. We really cannot afford de- luxe models. O examine the thing to satisfy myself over its quality. When I buy a thing I always think hard what I will wear it with, where I will wear it. 

I am very fond of going shopping. 

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