The sentence correction part of the GMAT exam tests your understanding of the basic Rules of English grammar and usage. To succeed in this section you need a command of sentence structure including tense and mood, subject and verb agreement, proper cases, parallel structure and other basics. No attempt is made to test for punctuation, spelling or capitalization. You will be given a sentence where all or part of the sentence is underlined. You will then be asked to choose the best phrasing of the underlined part from five alternatives. (A) will always be the original phrase. Useful Tips 1. Read the sentence, concentrating on the underlined part. 

2. Check for pronoun errors. (Look for errors in words like he, him, her, we, etc…) If there are no pronoun errors, check the verbs. 
3. If you find no errors in either verbs or pronouns, look at adjectives and adverbs 
4. Other possible errors include the use of incorrect idioms and faulty parallelism. 
5. If the sentence is correct, select (A) as your answer 
Sample question with answer and analysis: Since the advent of cable television, at the beginning of this decade, the video industry took a giant stride forward in this country. a. this decade, the video industry took 
b. this decade, the video industry had taken 
c. this decade, the video has taken 
d. this decade saw the video industry taking 
e. the decade that let the video industry take 
Answer C The phrase ‘since the advent’…’ demands a verb in the present perfect form; thus, ‘has taken,’ not ‘took’ is correct. Choice (e) changes the meaning of the original sentence Strategies 1. Remember that any error in the sentence must be in the underlined part 
2. If you determine that there is an error in the underlined part of the sentence, immediately eliminate answer choice (a) 
3. Do not choose as an answer any alternative that changes the meaning of the original sentence. 
4. Determine if the parts of the sentence are linked logically Автор: Robert Simmons teaches MBA Advising and GMAT for Pericles ABLE.
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