ow)…the result in a day.5.I(be)….twenty years old next year.6.They(remember)…you well.7.When he(come)….back?8.When he comes,I(apologize)….to him.9.I(not see)….this beautiful city again.10.I(recognize)…..his pictures anywhere.

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Дарья Ротко
2017-11-15 17:45
1.He will be here soon.2.The dress will be ready tomorrow.3.They will be at the station in time for the result in a year.4.I will know the result in a day.5.I will be twenty years old next year.6.They will remember you well.7.When will he come back?8.When he comes,I will apologize to him.9.I will not see this beautiful city again.10.I will recognize his pictures anywhere.