Gunman fires shots at California police station, another man found dea

Gunman fires shots at California police station, another man found dea

‘America’s New Headquarters’ co-host Eric Shawn gives details on the New York City Detective Endowment Association announcing it will sue any protester or rioter who attacks police officers.

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Authorities on Wednesday said a man was found fatally shot nearby a central California police station that a gunman had fired shots at, and the two incidents are believed to be related.

The shooter has yet to be found and a search was underway in the downtown area of the city of Paso Robles, said Tony Cipolla, spokesman for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department.

People in the area were urged to shelter in place.

The body of a man who had been shot in the head at close range was found near railroad tracks a few blocks from the police station. Investigators determined it was a homicide believed to be related to the other shootings, Paso Robles police said. The victim was only described as being in his 40s.

The shooter, a man in his 20s or 30s, fired at the Paso Robles Police Department around 3:45 a.m. while officers were inside, Cipolla said, and the gunfire occurred over a span of some minutes.

Members of San Luis Obispo County Sheriff-Coronor

Members of San Luis Obispo County Sheriff-Coronor’s office and Paso Robles Police department investigate the scene of a shooting, Wednesday June 10, 2020 in Paso Robles, Calif. (The Tribune (of San Luis Obispo) via AP)

Two sheriff’s deputies were fired upon when they arrived on the scene, wounding one. His partner returned fire, Cipolla said.

The wounded deputy was flown to a trauma center and is in serious but stable condition.

The Paso Robles Police Department tweeted that the shooting stopped by 4 a.m.

Paso Robles is a small city along California’s central coast, about 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles.


The shooting comes in the wake of nationwide protests against police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody late last month.

Arizona Rep. Paul Goas blamed Wednesday morning’s shooting on some of the more incendiary rhetoric stemming from the protests.

“What did you expect to happen after violent leftist rioters carried signs claiming ‘the only good cop is a dead cop’???” Gosar tweeted when sharing an Associated Press article about the Paso Robles shooting.


The shooting also follows other attacks on law enforcement in recent weeks. On Saturday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38, was killed and another deputy was in an attack allegedly carried out by an Air Force sergeant armed with homemade bombs, an AR-15 and other weapons.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart said the suspect, Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo, was intent on killing officers.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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