Word order


Wrong Correct Translation Notes
An old fridge there is in the room There is an old fridge in the room В комнате есть старый холодильник  
A lying on the floor mattress A mattress lying on the floor Лежащий на полу матрац  
Put there my things Put my things there Положи туда мои вещи  
Use new details for proper work To ensure proper work, use new parts Для лучшей работы используйте новые детали  
The guests will be tomorrow here The guests will be here tomorrow Гости будут завтра здесь The adverb of place must come first
Is the room enough large? Is the room large enough? Комната достаточно большая?  
The ordered goods have not arrived The goods ordered have not arrived Заказанные товары не прибыли  
The two first chapters The first two chapters Две первых главы  

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