2. They …to measure the temperature (обязательно),
A are likely В is sure С arc sure D is likely
3. Не … to come today (маловероятно).
A arc likely В is likely С is unlikely D are likely
4. He … to meet her in the street (случайно).
A happened В seemed С seems D proves
5. She … to do it (определенно).
A are certain В is certain С certainly D is likely
6. He … to enter this university (вряд ли).
A arc unlikely В is sure С are sure D is unlikely
7. He… to solve this problem (оказывается).
A seemed В seems С proved D happened
8. They … to forget about him (казалось).
A seemed В proved С happened D seem
9. The experiment… to be a success (оказалось).
A prove В proves С proved D is proved

Ответы: 1
Денис Страхов
2017-11-15 15:37
1 b 2 c 3 c 4 a 5 b 6 d 7 c 8 a 9 c