a lot of difficulties. For example, Toyota is under pressure from the government and its trade union to reduce working hours. It must hire more people or keep investing in automation. It must hire more people or keep investing in automation. It wants to cut the working hours to 38 hours a week. That’s why the company must continually recruit and train new workers. And it must make assembly-line jobs simpler and easier without hurting productivity or quality.

All this calls for many innovations. For example, they introduced the new electronic system of communication among all factories and all parts necessary for production can be ordered in a moment. Noiseless electric carriers have replaced old conveyers. Now the workers can speak normally at the assembly line and they even play music in the workshop.

But the main innovation is, of course, the introduction of robots. Sometimes workers are hard to find, machines are everywhere. Video cameras help robots to carry car parts, to put them in right places and to make all necessary operations on them. No wonder all the jobs get done right and the quality of the cars is exceptional. There are only 10 defects per 100 Toyota cars, whereas there are 125 defects per 100 cars produced in other countries.

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Алексей Исаенко
2017-12-08 00:51
1.What is Toyota? 2.Why is the company under government pressure? 3. What should a company do to improve the performance and quality of cars? 4. What innovations have occurred in the company? 5. How many defects do you have in 100 Toyota cars?