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Лина Рябова
2017-09-30 14:35
About how Svislach took a husband Menesk … Many legends have laid Minskers about his favorite city. Among them are the one that tells the story of its foundation. Once upon a time he lived in the white light of the Water daughter — Svisloch. He glorified herself, unearthly beauty and its location sought Perun himself and Jijel. However, rebellious charmer was, suitors laughed, and once invited them to taste the stone wedding cake. And in the end paid for his character — he was left all alone … When beauty finally lost hope to get married — to cry in front of the father of water. I regretted it the old man: — Severe tests give you their suitors. Evil laugh at them. None among the gods of the one who would come up to you. But there are still people. Maybe our happiness priglyaneshsya you most daring, the most removed, the richest of them? Maybe he will not be afraid to try your stone pie? And I will do the same so that people will often come to these places. And then I created a Water on the shore Svisloch temple: the place where wooed her and Perun Jijel, rose and oak appeared Ohnite. And his daughter, say, actually married a man. And it was Prince Menesk, which is not to crack the stone cake, and built a water mill, which was ground millstone than a boulder. And then he founded on the banks of the walled city, naming it after himself …