nger.What dreadful whether ! It`s bitterly cold out.When I`m chilled to the bone,I think I`llnever warm up.Wee leave in a wooden house.It is surrounded with a huge would.The hunter,who leaves with us,says that the would is full of beasts.You can walk their and meat a dear or a bare.As for me,once I saw a hair`s sine.Do you think it is fare to leave me hear!I can`t even sleep in piece.Can`t you come and stay with me?The air fair is relly not very expensive.Hope to sea you soon.

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Короткий Сашенька
2017-09-30 14:58
1.dear 3.two 4.week 6.we 8.wood 9.lives 10.wood 11.there 13.deer 14.bear 15.hare 16.sign 18.peace 19.fare 20.see 21.their