3) have been

4) were

A2 Find the unnecessary word.

1) aunt

2) friend

3) nephew

4) cousin

A3 Mark the adjective in the superlative form.

1) closer

2) dear

3) the best

4) lovely

A4 Choose the necessary verb

Businessmen can… money despite the financial crises

1) make

2) spend

3) purchase

4) do

B1 Put the verb in brackets into the necessary form.

1) I___ (to do) the washing up at the moment

2) I___(to choose)a wonderful tour in the agency yesterday

C1.Make the question using the following words


Ответы: 2
2017-09-30 20:38
Were friend the best make I am doing chose whom can you rely onin your family

Деня Смотрич
2017-10-01 23:04
A1 4 were A2 friend A3 the best A4 make B1 1 am doing 2 chose C1 Whom can you rely on in your family?